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Adventures Of A Goblin
Chapter 196 Colossal Battle

While Orun and Caius were immersing themselves in a speed and destruction type combat, the Vine golem and Efreet with Salamander, were also fighting it out, but theirs is on a natural disaster type level.

The vine golem took one step forward, running in the direction of Efreet who has also took to going after the Vine golem.

The both of them running toward each other, had the whole forest trembling in fear, shaking leaves off the tree branches, and creating tremors of echoes.

They got closer to each other, and thrusted their hands out in unison.

Their fists collided, creating an air pressure that instantly cleared all traces of any existencial life in their perimeter.

It's fist shattered inwardly after the clash with Efreet's fist, but it quickly healed itself back before it got too deep.

The vine golem headbutted Efreet, slightly pushing it back, then it hurriedly moved to its back before Efreet could regain its posture.

It wrapped its vined arms around Efreet, and grew it out from each fingertips, conjoining the arms together and tightening it around Efreet's waist.

The vine golem with its arms still wrapped tight around Efreet, used it to sweep Efreet off of its feet, and delivered unto it, a power bomb German suplex.

Efreet's body landing directly to the ground with a thud that shaked the ground tremendously.

The vine golem let go of Efreet who is now laid down on the floor. It got up, and set its next target as Salamander, the huge aerial highest tier spirit who refused to make its way down, and would rather continue attacking from the sky. πš’π˜―ο½Žπ’“πžπ“ͺ𝗱. α΄„π˜°π¦

It detached a part of its body, and hurls it at Salamander in the sky. Of course, this was something that is easy for Salamander to evade by simply changing its course in the sky.

The vine throwing was not effective against Salamander, mostly because the distance between them, and the time it would take for the vines to get there, Salamander would have used that same time to move to a different location.

Another problem is that, the Vine throwing was far too predictable.

Once it is thrown, it heads in the same direction, and is not able to change its course, making it a waste of both time and mana to use against Salamander.

The vine golem changed its tactics of attacking, and switched to using a fast pace thorn shooter.

Reaching out its hand with its palm wide open in the direction Salamander is flying at.

The vine golem fired off thorns from its palm consecutively, following through with Salamander's movement in the sky.

By attacking like this, it would give the vine golem the mobility to chase after Salamander from where it is standing, by using the thorns fired to follow through.

While the vine golem was throwing thorns at Salamander, Efreet that was on the ground, was recuperating itself.

Efreet stretched out its hand at the vine golem that was close to it, and is too busy firing away its thorns at Salamander in the air.

With its hand touching the ankle of the vine golem, Efreet pulled it toward itself, dragging down the vine golem along with it.

The vine golem was about to fall to the ground like Efreet wanted it to, but it stopped its fall by sprouting out vines from the ground and using it to hold its fall like an hanger.

When it had stabilized itself, it turned its front to Efreet who is still on the ground with its hand still attached to the vine golem's ankle.

Distracted by Efreet, the Vine golem had its left arm set on fire caused by Salamander pouring its breath down on it.

The vine golem tore its left arm off, starting from where the fire was burning from.

It did this to prevent the fire from spreading to the other parts of its vine made body, and it worked.

After it had torn its left arm off, the Vine golem's arm regenerated, and was immediately replaced like it had never happened.

Efreet took advantage of the opening, and got its upper body up, then raised its two feet as well, positioning itself for a tackle.

It rushed at the vine golem, tackling it with its strength and pushing it back before felling it down.

When it had successfully fell down the vine golem, Efreet pounced its weight on it, and started tearing of parts of it in pieces.

It sat on the upper body of the vine golem, and it began to deal damage to its body by punching through it with its fist, or tearing some parts of it away from its body.



"what is wrong? You are not as agile as you were when we first started".

Orun noticed that the attack pattern of Caius was not as it was when they first began. He stopped his assault and moved himself back before asking.

He knew it could not have been Caius getting tired. He still had a lot of mana reserve left, so that could not have been the case.

"you are starting to show several flaws here and there, and I can almost start to predict your moves".

Orun was no longer feeling it, the thrill of fighting a to the death with the dangerous Caius, it was no longer there for him.

It felt to him like Caius had soften up, he had become weaker and predictable, which should not be so with all the powers he possess.

"i don't know what it is you are saying monster, but I am going to be ending this now".

Caius ignored Orun's attempt to a conversation, and attacked him from behind with the Spear.

"you see what I mean? Too predictable".

Orun jumped up and evaded the Spear before it could touch him, proving to Caius what he meant by him being too predictable.

"what is the matter with you human? Where is that energy of yours? The one you had during the opening page of the battle? Where did it all go".

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Adventures Of A Goblin Chapter 196 Colossal Battle