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Berserk Stick System
Berserk Stick System

Berserk Stick System

Author: Zontal_Zev
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NOTE: YANDERE IS HERE What happens if the game you've been playing for a long time turns out to have a world of its own? --- A boy who experienced death in a strange way. Reincarnated into the eroge game he had played before. Reincarnated as protagonist's best friend character in the story, who will be killed by protagonist himself to make protagonist strong, doesn't make him give up, with help of the system he has now. Watch his journey in conquering the hearts of heroines and saving the world. Strict warning!!!!!! if you don't like where the 10-year-old MC has puppy love. Don't read this novel. You know, a lot of novels start very young, and mine is one of them. If you've ever read Little Tyrant, you'll understand because my novel was inspired from here. MC started at the age of 9 years. Warning: This Novel is only FICTION, don't compare it with the real world.

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