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Cultivator With Modern AI
Chapter 589 Helping Liu Ying**

After they arrived at the Xia Residence, Xia Tian immediately went to see his mother, and he brought her directly into the Dual Cultivation Space. Since Crimson Fire Soul is a Yang item, his space's effect will help his mother increase her cultivation.

"Why don't you absorb it, Tian?" Liu Ying asked as she looked at the Crimson Fire Soul in her hand.

Xia Tian shook his head and opened his hand, and a golden fire appeared in his hand. "Mom, this is more than enough for me, so I don't need it anymore."


Xia Tian pulled Liu Ying into his arms and spoke softly. "To be honest, this Crimson Fire Soul is suitable for you or Yuhe. Since she is a fighter cultivator, I chose to give it to you, and this will help improve your alchemy ability."

"Anyway, why are you calling me as your mom now again?" Liu Ying asked in confusion, especially since it had been a long time since he called her by her name directly.

Xia Tian chuckled at her question. "Nothing, I just feel like it would be kinkier if I called you as my mom."

"Humph!" Liu Ying snorted softly, and her cheeks turned red. Even though it made their relationship feel weird, she liked hearing her son address her as his mother again. 𝓲𝓃𝐧𝓇𝗲𝒂d. 𝑐𝐨m

Just as Liu Ying was about to absorb the Crimson Fire Soul, Xia Tian suddenly stopped her. "You can't just absorb it like that, mom."

"Then what should I do?" Liu Ying asked in confusion.

Without speaking further, Xia Tian immediately took off his mother's clothes until she was completely naked, then he took off his own clothes. "If you just absorb it, then your body will explode, so you must absorb it while dual cultivating with me, and I will help you with my energy."

"Mhn~" Liu Ying closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around her son's neck, and he started to moan as soon as Xia Tian sucked her nipples. "Ahh~ Why are you acting like a child?"

[Hehe! Don't you like it, mom?] Xia Tian asked through his family mark, and his hands didn't stay still either and started to rub his mother's pussy.

His action made Liu Ying shudder a little, and her lust quickly rose sharply by her stimulation. "Ahh~ I like it so much, son!"

"Son! Stop teasing me!" Although she enjoyed it very much, Liu Ying was impatient because she had not had sex with her son for quite a while.

Xia Tian looked at her with a mischievous smile. "What do you want me to do, mom?"

"I... want your dick!" Liu Ying answered as she lay on the bed and spread her legs. "Quickly, insert your dick in my pussy, son."

Xia Tian laughed and knelt between his mother's legs, and he rubbed his dick against her pussy.

"Ahn~ Hurry up! I can't stand it anymore!" Liu Ying urged her son, because Xia Tian was just rubbing his dick in her pussy.

"You're really perverted now, mom." Xia Tian spoke as he continued to rub his cock slowly.

"I don't care! I just want to have sex with you now!" Xia Tian's temptation made Liu Ying even more unable to control her lust.

"All right, then." With one strong push, Xia Tian's dick went very deep into his mother's pussy.

Liu Ying was shocked when she felt her son's dick inside her pussy. "Ahn~ Why is your dick getting bigger?"

"Do you like it?" Xia Tian asked as he started pounding his mother's pussy with his big dick.

"Ahh~ Oh gosh! It's much bigger than before!" Liu Ying started babbling, feeling the pleasure of her son's cock getting bigger and bigger. "Ahh~ I truly loved your big dick, son!"

*Pa... Pa...*

"Ahn~ I'm cumming, son!" Under Xia Tian's onslaught, Liu Ying couldn't hold on for long, and her body jerked violently as she reached for her first orgasm.

[6,000 Yin Energy from Liu Ying has been added.]

[Your cultivation broke through to the 7th Stage Earth Origin Realm]

Then Xia Tian pulled and lifted Liu Ying's body into his lap with her back facing him; he fucked her from behind, and his hands played on her breasts, nipples, and pussy. "Ahn~ Too much pleasure!"

"Hey, mom, start absorbing the Crimson Fire Soul." Xia Tian instructed her as he continued to pump Liu Ying's body.

Liu Ying immediately did as he said and began to absorb the Crimson Fire Soul. She tried hard to focus on absorbing it, but her mind was filled with lust because Xia Tian's dick thrust was getting more intense. "Ahn~ Ahn~"

"Ahh~ My body is starting to heat up, son!" Liu Ying said as she continued to moan while absorbing the Crimson Fire Soul.

"Don't worry, I will absorb the heat from your body."

"Ahn~" After a few minutes, Liu Ying had another orgasm, and Xia Tian himself also shot his semen into his mother's womb.

[6,000 Yin Energy from Liu Ying has been added.]

After they orgasm, Xia Tian immediately absorbs the heat in Liu Ying's body, which continues to increase.

[Master, it looks like she will be able to break through to the 8th Stage Heaven Origin Realm soon.]

'En, I could feel it too.' Xia Tian replied with a nod of approval. 'After this, I will go to meet that old geezer, and I will enter seclusion afterwards.'

[Eh? Why do you suddenly want to go into seclusion, Master?]

'I want to re-cultivate and break through to the Heaven Origin Realm as soon as possible. After that, I will go to the Holy Central Continent to pick up Tian Qilian and Hua Xiangyue.'

"Son, I can't stand the heat." Liu Ying was starting to feel overwhelmed by the heat that was constantly rising within her body.

Xia Tian hugged her and used his ice energy to offset the heat from the Crimson Fire Soul. After all, his Ice Energy came from the Ice Phoenix Bloodline, which he obtained after having sex with Bing Huang, and it was easy for him to control the heat within Liu Ying's body.

Liu Ying, who was already starting to get overwhelmed earlier, finally started to calm down after sensing the heat dissipate quite a lot, and she started to hasten to absorb the Crimson Fire Soul.

After an hour, Liu Ying's energy began to slowly erupt.


A small shockwave shot out from Liu Ying's body as soon as she broke through to the 8th Stage Heaven Origin Realm.

Three hours later, Alice suddenly spoke to him. [Master, the energy of the Crimson Fire Soul is starting to decrease, you better use your Yang Energy, that way your mother can break through to the 9th Stage Heaven Origin Realm.]

'En' Xia Tian then used his technique to release his Yang Energy several times inside Liu Ying's womb.

Within Liu Ying's consciousness, the black and white carps were greedily absorbing all of Xia Tian's Yang energy within her body, the two of them continuously circling at an extremely fast pace.

After some time, an object shaped like a Crimson Fire appeared in the middle of the two fish; it meant that Liu Ying had successfully absorbed the Crimson Fire Soul completely.

A few moments later, another shockwave was released by Liu Ying's body, and this time the force was quite big. With that, she managed to break through to the 9th Stage Heaven Origin Realm, and Xia Tian immediately helped her mother stabilize her energy.

Estella, who was watching them from afar, shook her head after she sensed Liu Ying's cultivation. 'Tch! This mortal woman is really lucky to have Xia Tian as her man, or else she wouldn't be able to reach her current cultivation this quickly.'

"Hah!" Liu Ying sighed heavily and opened her eyes. "I never thought I would be able to break through to the 9th Stage Heaven Origin Realm this fast."

"Hey, one day my mother will definitely break through to the Divine Realm as well." Xia Tian replied as he chuckled.

Liu Ying looked back and smiled gently. "This is all thanks to my dear son; without you, I would never have dreamed of achieving that high."

Xia Tian just smiled at that. "Since you have completely absorbed the Crimson Fire Soul and your cultivation base has also stabilized, let's continue our dual cultivation."

Liu Ying smiled widely. "En, I also missed dual cultivating with you, son! Ahn~"

Liu Ying hadn't finished talking yet, but Xia Tian had started pounding her pussy again. He then kissed her lips from behind, and his hands continued to actively stimulate her breasts and clitoris, making her sink into lustful pleasures quickly.

Seeing that, Estella couldn't take it anymore; she immediately took off her clothes and joined them.

Xia Tian raised his eyebrows for a moment, but he didn't refuse Estella, and he let her do what she wanted.

Estella herself was already sitting behind Xia Tian; she was licking the nape of his neck and rubbing her big breasts against his back, and her hands gently squeezed his testicles.

[6,000 Yin Energy from Liu Ying has been added.]

After a while, Liu Ying had her third orgasm, and Xia Tian laid her down on the bed to rest first.

After that, Xia Tian pushed Estella to lie down next to her mother, he then lifted and pressed both her legs up, and thrusted his dick into her pussy all at once.

- To Be Continued -

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Cultivator With Modern AI Chapter 589 Helping Liu Ying**