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Destiny Transfer System
Destiny Transfer System

Destiny Transfer System

Author: YAMRAAJ_021
Rating: 5/5 from 2 ratings. Your Rating?
139 Chapters 39639 Views 85 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


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Wang Chen, a sore loser, was on his way back to his apartment after being rejected by his company boss once again. As he approached the alleyway leading to his apartment, he was suddenly knocked out by the most beautiful woman he had ever seen from the blue star planet.

The woman kissed him and then threw him into a void that led to another world. When Wang Chen woke up, he realized that he had been transmigrated into the body of another nobody loser in this new world. He thought that his new life would be even more tragic than his previous one, but suddenly something strange happened.

[Ding! Found a suitable successor for Destiny Transfer System]

[Does the successor want to bind with the system?]

How could Wang Chen miss this opportunity to turn his life around? He quickly responded with a “yes.”

[Congratulations, host, for binding with the Destiny Transfer System.]

[With the help of the system, you can loot other people's chances. If you manage to loot the chances of the protagonist, conquer the heroines, and steal their luck, you will receive additional benefits.]

“Hahaha,” Wang Chen laughed, thinking that his life would be amazing from now on.

However, little did Wang Chen know that he was now a crucial piece in a mysterious conspiracy involving powerful immortal beings who controlled the cosmos.

Would Wang Chen be able to survive in this new world and uncover the truth behind the conspiracy, or would he become a pawn in a much larger game?

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