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Earth's Greatest Magus
Chapter 1559 Scums

This group of unknown magus wore robes that concealed their spirit energy signatures.

Even though they could argue that their robes were for safety, the behavior they displayed clearly told that these people had no intention of taking part in the Hunt, aiming instead to harm the other hunters.

The 5 magus did not wear any emblem representing a faction, but the way they confidently stopped Emery's group, without the slightest hint of worry about being ganged up on by other participants, told them they certainly had a powerful backing, most likely one of the three major factions, or maybe all three of them.

Still with a condescending smile on his face, the leader leisurely said, "It's nothing personal, kid. We are here just to make sure only the worthy pack enter the final round."

Even though their group had two Crescent Moon and three New Moon magus, Emery was confident they wouldn't be much of a problem to deal with. The issue he had was that it would take time to deal with them. As he glanced at the remaining time, Emery couldn't help but sigh.

[Time remaining: 2 hours 8 minutes]

[Twilight Fang - Rank 32 - 42 creature - 111 points]

"We don't have time for this. So get out of the way or die," Emery said menacingly, as he was irritated to see mere scums dare to mess with him because of their 'reliable' backing.

"Die? You will kill us?" The leader burst into laughter as if he had heard the joke of the year. After that, he returned Emery's gaze with a wicked smile while saying, "I would love to see your confidence again after we kill your men and defile your women."

Not wanting to waste more time hearing another useless word, Emery wordlessly kicked off the ground. His figure swiftly shot toward the group of five, earning him yet another mocking comment.

"Charging head-on?! Foolish!"

Having prepared for such a surprise attack, three of the five magus quickly cast their spells at the same time. [Firebolt], [Lighting Bolt], [Wind Strike]; three Tier 4 spells sped through the air and struck Emery. The different elements reacted with each other, creating a powerful explosion that enveloped the area around him.


Clouds of dirt and dust were blown into the air, obstructing vision. The wicked smile on the leader's face widened as he shifted his gaze to Emery's pack, especially the two girls. Unbeknownst to him, a figure could faintly be seen standing in the smoke.

With Emery's Twilight Form, such spells only managed to stop him for a moment before his silvery figure shot out of the smoke.

One of the New Moon magus who was still laughing was less than ready when Emery burst out and arrived before him. After a glint of flash, the head of the magus flew into the air, his headless body fell to the ground with a thud.

When the others came to their senses and saw the shining claws covered in blood, they realized they made a big mistake.


The other four magus were without exception shocked by Emery's speed and strength. Without them realizing, their bodies reflexively moved in shock, leaping away to put some distance between them and Emery.

Realizing what had happened, one of the Crescent Moon magus, a middle-aged man with a glaring scar across his face went into a rage. He cast buff onto himself as he stomped the ground, darting at Emery for vengeance.

"How dare you?! You're gonna pay with your life!"

At this time, the five members of Twilight Fang dashed out of the smoke and attacked the remaining magus, led by Morgana who tackled the scarred face man. With the fiery wings on her back, she quickly swooped in and snatched him away from his comrades.

The other four didn't remain idle either. Beowulf and Tatyana went and engaged with one of the two New Moons, while Yoro and Andrei teamed up to attack the remaining one. This left only one more Crescent Moon magus, the leader of the group, who watched Emery as the latter walked towards him.

"Would you like to repeat what you said earlier?" Emery said with a smile no less condescending than the other party.

In response, the man snorted, "Huh! I will fucking kill you!"

The magus' body doubled in size as he activated his transformation, transforming into a wolf with a skin like stone. It was obvious the man's battle power increased greatly after his transformation.

But when he swung his arm, sending a full force claw strike towards Emery, the latter casually grabbed his stony arm. Before he could comprehend what had just happened, he felt an excruciating pain as his opponent clenched his hand and crushed his arm in the process.

From their brief exchange, Emery could sense that the man had around 300 battle power. That was indeed high compared to a normal Crescent Moon magus, but he was now up against Emery, who had nearly 400.

Color disappeared from the magus' face when he finally realized what kind of opponent he had picked for himself. He looked at Emery in utter shock, unable to believe he was seeing such power from an unknown magus.

"Whoโ€ฆ W-what are you?"

Not answering the question, Emery continued to attack the magus. After just a few strikes, the stone wolf already fell to his knees, begging for his life. Unfortunately, the only response he got from Emery was a stone cold face.

Realizing his pleas were futile, the man quickly stood up and ran away, only to be petrified when he saw the red-haired girl who had left with his partner had already returned, she was dragging a charred body behind her.

What unfolded next was a scene of slaughter. The group of five magus were either incapacitated or dead.

Emery saw two spirit souls emerging from their now dead bodies, but decided not to give chase when he saw them fly away. Those people might be scum, but they were here on someone else's order.

This whole thing that happened was naturally seen by the audience, and thus tens of thousands of people once again paid attention to the abilities of this pack of dark-clothed wolf half-bloods named Twilight Fang.

Even the Alpha King who was watching was inwardly satisfied with Emery's performance. The only ones who were worried were the people of the three factions, as they started discussing the existence of this new pack called Twilight Fang.

Emery and the others overcame the magus group in around 10 minutes. However, he was still upset as he had lost precious time.

[Time left: 1 hour 56 minutes]

[Twilight Fangs - Rank 41 - 42 creature - 111 points]

If only killing a participant could award points, Emery would have gone back to the top 20. ๐š’n๐š—r๐—ฒ๐’‚๐—ฑ. c๐‘œ๐“ถ

Now that they were 10 minutes behind, Emery was worried their plan to dominate the inner layer was running too late. So, even though he knew they should make a move, he took the time to ask his group's opinion, especially old chief Beowulf.

It was then that he noticed the latter seemed to be busy surveying the land and checking the soil. He then said to Emery, "Lend me Yoro and give me ten minutes. We might have something here."

If it was a false alarm they would waste another ten minutes. Nevertheless, Emery agreed, because he trusted Beowulf's words. In the meantime, he asked the others to hunt creatures in their surrounding area to catch up on their points.

After killing some Chaos Bat, Emery and the others returned to where Beowulf and Yoro were and found the two of them smiling.

"I think we found their nest. A huge one," the old chief said.

Beowulf's experience with Yoro's innate ability once again proved their worth.

It was such good news that Emery immediately asked them to take the lead as the six of them quickly took off. After traversing forested terrain, the group found themselves arriving at a dry, yellow plain."

Wasting no time, Emery decisively took one of his [Spirit Explosion Pills] and cast his [Undermaster] spell, quickly drilling a hole down the plains.

It didn't take long for Emery's excavation to work its way deep, reaching hundreds of meters underground. If it weren't for his belief in Beowulf, he would have quit long ago.

A mile through the hardened rock, Emery finally made it. He could sense an empty space, a chamber underground where he now sensed the movement of many creatures.

But what caught his attention was one humongous in size, who seemed to have sensed his approach and charged towards him.


A powerful tremor rocked the plains the group was on. A gigantic Abyss Worm shot out from the hole Emery had created. With a diameter of about 10 meters, it was at least 3 times the largest recorded on the data given.

Emery was seen clinging with his claws hanging onto the creature's forehead.

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Earth's Greatest Magus Chapter 1559 Scums