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Established Pinnacle: The Enigma
Chapter 270 Neutral Gods, Entrance Of Ragnarok VI

Meanwhile, as all that took place, the two Transcendental Gods found themselves at quite the predicament. A tough one at that.

"Hey Dui, how come we haven't seen anyone as of yet?" Neonate curiously looked around herself, watching the endless greenery everywhere, and inquired.

Her inquiry was not baseless, they have walking in circles for a while now. A couple of minutes have gone by, and they still have yet to explore even a portion of this place.

It gave out the illusion that it was endless!!!

Even with the speed of a Transcend God, that was a couple tens of light years at most every second, they found nothing as of late. Even after going all out, and travelling for almost ten minutes, they found nothing.

Not even a sign of any living being, as the only thing they saw for the tens of thousands of light years they traveled, was just endless greenery. As if a single scene was continuously being projected no matter the distance they travel.

Not that the forest was too large, they explored the whole forest a couple of times a long time ago, but still found no living beings nearby. Not even insects or the likes could be found anywhere.

But even though it was 99% the same as before, they found it hard to believe that they could not explore the whole forest even after ten minutes of going all out!!

It was too strange...

Dui also realized that and came to a halt. Both of them looked around and still came to no avail, even Dui's [Unity(trees)] was not helpful at all. A Skill that allowed him to be one with all Trees universally, and gain their perception and knowledge.

"Good afternoon, is there anyway we can help you fellows?" Yet at this time, out of the blue, an idle voice drifted all around the place, confusing the two gods of where the voice came from.

The voice itself came as abrupt as a Thunder clap, and it's Origin was hard to decipher. Even Transcendentals such as themselves, who were Peak and Perfected respectfully... failed to perceive through the voice.


"Whose there?" Neonate questioned with a wary tone. Even someone like her, a perfected Transcendental God could not tell where the voice came from.

And one had to know that the perception of Transcendentals at her level, could perceive even a Universe if they saw fit, seeing through everything within.

Thus why she was quite wary and frightful, wondering if an Elder God, or at most, a God Lord was targeting them right at this moment. One cannot be sure, as Ragnarok was descending.


Dui was silent as always. But albeit, wary.

"Ah...I'm sorry, you have been caught within my domain. By the way, what are gods of your level doing here? You're scaring my child." The voice once again said, surprising both gods.

The tone was quite calm and humble, not at all malicious. And their Divine sense did did alert them of any sort of danger even right now, which was why they were rather calm.

Neonate, the talkative and vibrant among the two was curious, within her fear, she was still curious. Her attention was piqued and she asked, "Child?"


"Yes, Child, well, my daughter. Anyway, she kind of likes you two, so I'm not really sure if I want to fight you. Plus, I don't think I can even fight you two. So, why are you here?" The voice responded casually, with no hostility.



Both gods were surprised and speechless. They knew gods were strange, since they were gods themselves. But the way this person spoke, sounded as if he'd do anything for his daughter. Literally.


The voice seemed stumped by the god's silence. It seemed like even he didn't know what to do, but within the silence, a sweet yet childish cry rang within the place, sounding impatient and needy.

"...Papa, Jade wants a rock man too, rock man!!" It said, surprising the gods into silence once again, no, this time around they were both insulted to silence.



But since it came from a child, they decided that they could let it pass. As neutral gods, they had the heart to let such small acts go unnoticed. Or else how would they have survived otherwise?

"Isn't Hamura good enough for you?" The young man's voice sounded once again, as if he was reprimanding the young girl.

"...Rock man..." The little girl muttered in a barely audible voice, as if she was close to tears. They could image her wronged expression just through her tone.

"...Fine, I'll make you a rock man someday." The man finally relented after a while, seemingly weary and helpless. The gods were still standing there in silence.

? "Jade loves papa so much!! Love you~ Love you~" The young girl sang in joy. Her joy was apparent through her tone, and the young man's helplessness as well, "But you better behave yourself from now on."

"Hm!!!" She replied.



"Sorry about that, please don't mind us. Now, where were we?" As if nothing had happened at all, the young man came back to the gods who were silent all along.

This was what was called shameless. Or rather, if you were strong enough, you could do this without shame at all. This was the type of impression the two gods had at the moment.




The silence continued to stay the same for another minute or so. Through that time, nobody said a word at all, including the small girl with a sweet voice.

"...You were just passing by, perhaps?" The young man inquired through the silence, awakening both gods from their shock and stupor.

"S-Sorry about that..." Neonate apologized with an embarrassed expression. Dui also humbly lowered his head in apology. "No no, it's fine." The young man said.

"About your question, before we answer it, can we ask instead? Thank you, so, are you perhaps, the new God of Fate and Destiny?" She warily inquired with a bit of respect and shamelessness laced within her tone. π—Άπ“ƒπ“·π’“π˜¦a𝐝. 𝗰𝒐𝗺

"...I'm not really sure, but if there is no God of Fate in this world, then I probably am? After all, I do have a high Mastery over the law... I think?" Though he sounded unsure, he still responded half convinced.

Neonate and Dui beamed in joy when they heard that. Without hesitation, she jumped down from Dui's shoulder and hurriedly knelt down, Dui also knelt down besides her.

"There is indeed no God of Fate. That means that you truly are the only God of Fate, Ruler of all Beginnings and End, Judge of Living Being's Fate, Anchor of the Gods, the Embodiment of Neutrality!!!" She was so excited she seemed like a Fanatic believer at the moment.


Dui didn't speak, but his posture radiated the same amount of energy as hers, seemingly excited and devout.

"...I'm not really sure, I mean, I haven't even heard more than half of those Divinities before. Are you sure you met the right person? Probably not, so why don't you just go back?" The young man inquired, slightly shocked.

"We are sure!!" Neonate responded with great enthusiasm, she then hurriedly added, "The records state that the God of Fate of a very old Age will be reincarnated, in this final Age of the Era of Infinity even!!"

"His birth would be following the entrance of Ragnarok, the death of the Destiny Guider and the spreading of Chaos within the Mortal World. And it is as such!!"

"...Are you sure it's me? It could be another person though." He still sounded doubtful of their words even after all that. Who wouldn't, when two perfected Transcendentals bowed before you with fanaticism.

"Regardless of what, we pursue Neutrality, and would like to be taken under your wing, oh great Ruler of Fate, and the True Guider of Destiny." She said, almost causing the young man to choke in stupor.

"....Fine fine, my daughter likes you anyway. I also don't see why not." Along with the helplessness within the voice, space suddenly ruptured, twisting and turning, revealing a grand city of almost a billion residents.

Before them, a young man with gray-white hair stood there. He looked handsome beyond belief, Far handsome compared to other Transcendentals they knew, possibly not even other Cosmic Gods could compare.

Besides him was beautiful small girl with silver-black hair and emerald eyes. She looked so delicate to the point where she could stand out even within trillions of beings.

Besides them stood a scholarly young man with silver hair and a blue mage robe. His facial features and aura closely resembled the first young man, but albeit a few years younger.

"I'm really sorry about this, I just had to do it." The first young man who seemed blind and sickly, yet still handsome beyond belief, smiled and apologized.



The three people were of course Enigma, Jade and Teach respectively. And the ability he used was a Sub-Skill from the powerful Unique+ Skill Tree, ||EXISTENTIAL DOMINION||, termed [Realm Expansion].

After Teach cleared the dungeon, he had come out with nine Divine scrolls, which were shared equally among himself, Enigma, Jade and the four leaders.

Teach himself, and Enigma for some reason recieved two each. Enigma had used all three, including the previous one from Jade, to evolve [Perspective Manipulation] to a Unique+ Skill, allowing Teach to have an easier time since he liked it very much.

And due to this action, unfortunately, it had triggered a growth of more laws and Skills that he was not planning on obtaining.

It went like;

"Your Extra Skill [Perspective Manipulation] has evolved to the Unique+ Skill [Perspective Manipulation]"

"You have caught the interest of "Dreams", which has decided to reside in you. "Nightmare" has also decided to reside in you. You caught the attention of a newborn Reality"

"You have obtained the following Laws of "Dreams", "Nightmares" and "Reality""

"Congratulations on Taming both "Dreams" and "Nightmares". More Concepts and Aspects are gathering and have decided to watch you grow, waiting for the ripe moment (their turn)"

"You have awakened the divine skills, "Oneiric Reality", "Boundary Lord(Dreams/Nightmares)", "Oneiric-potence", "Phobia-Initiated Counter", "Conceptual Immortality(Dreams/Nightmare)", "Dream/Nightmare Awareness", "Meta-Concept Manipulation", "Omega Reality" and "Prime Source""

"Your multiple consciousness have worked out the recieved Skills, and have sacrificed the following Divine Skills, along with multiple other 'useless' Unique and Extra Skills; "Conceptual Immortality", "Dream/Nightmare Awareness", "Subj....."

"You have obtained five "Skill Evolution" Divine chances"

Yeah, something like that. And he was proud that he managed to bear everything without saying even a word or complaining one bit at all. He was maturing... Yes, he didn't complain, nor did he appreciate the sudden increase in strength.

"So, how about we go in for a proper conversation?" Enigma proposed with a smile, Teach had already left with Jade in his arms, who obediently left with him.



Inside a small, yet large room, three people sat around each other and prepared to have a serious conversation. Three people whom could each be verified with grand status.

One was the Mother of all dragons in Terra, Neonate, the other was the father of all trees of Terra, Dui. The last person was the self-recognized God of Fate, Enigma.

Yes, Enigma was not recognized as the God of Fate by the will of the God Realm. Even though he couldn't gain faith due to not being prescribed on the Divine Board, he still ruled over the Fate of the realm.

"First of all, I am the Transcendental Goddess of Space as well the Mother of all dragons of this world, Neonate." Neonate respectfully introduced herself. She didn't forget to stand up amd lightly bowed her head.

"This here is my companion, Dui, the Transcendental God of Trees and Animals, as well as the father of all Dryads. He, unfortunately cannot speak, I apologize if that offends you." She lowered her head once again.

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Established Pinnacle: The Enigma Chapter 270 Neutral Gods, Entrance Of Ragnarok VI