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Fire Mage
Chapter 579 Warning

Chapter 579: Warning

Meanwhile, Charles quietly waited in the lone alley road and soon got information about his next target. But unlike before, he got two options from Jessie.

'First one is Joshua... He is a Sun Titan Bloodline Warlock with powerful spells like Touch of the Brilliance, Heaven's Glow, Sun's Tear, and Light Fury. He also has an intellectual artifact called 'Despair's Soul' and is considered dangerous when it comes to combat. He also participated in the previous abyssal planar invasion and killed more than 20 legend-level greater demons. He lives in 24A Herald Street and rarely comes out...'

'Next is Conner... He is a Dual-elemental Mage with an Ice element as his primary one and is good at schemes. Although Conner has no intellectual artifact, he has multiple extraordinary artifacts and is hard to kill. He stays at Love Street and usually comes to Free Children's park for relaxation. He fought badly and only acted as a head strategist during the Abyssal Planar Invasion.'

As he further read Conner's battle skills and achievements, he decided to pick him as his next target. He was not afraid of Joshua, but he didn't want any misshape like the last time.

'My job is not to kill all important figures of Destiny Conquerors but to reduce their numbers.' As he muttered, he quietly turned around and started walking toward Free Children's Park.

He soon found his target sitting on the park bench and quietly waited for the right moment.

Minutes passed quietly, and soon it was 12.32 P.M.

At that moment, Charles had already arrived much closer to Conner like a passerby and suddenly turned his gaze towards him.

Simultaneously, he curled his lips upward and started casting spells like [Burning Thoughts], [Soul Shock], [Purple Consciousness], and [Finger of Destruction] on him.

Before Connar could even think, his original Consciousness and his soul got attacked by Charles's spells and went into a frozen state.

At the same time, his [Finger of Destruction] spell directly entered his head and incinerated him.

What shocked Charles was that the opponent didn't even have any artifacts on his body and appeared defenseless.

As he was about to walk away, a reddish scroll appeared from Conner's body, hovered in the air slowly, and soon burned in a reddish flame. Although it was only a moment, Charles felt that he had just looked at the deepest part of the sun and felt a burning sensation in his eyes!


Before he could even utter a word, a few words appeared in reddish flame and disappeared, causing him to stiffen up.

"Beware of Anangu."

It was written in English! Moreover, it looked more like Middle English.

"Sun God Abium!" He couldn't help but mutter in shock.

'Anangu... Isn't she the ruler of the Third Layer of Hell? I even took a dagger with her name written in Devil's Tongue, right?' He recalled when he looted Faith Realm Holy Church's Museum and quietly touched his space ring. (Ref. ch. 476, 498.)

He then took out a mithril dagger with unique markings and gripped it with his hand. π’Šπ’nr𝐞𝘒𝐝. 𝒄𝒐𝗺

'Strange... Why did Sun God Abium warn me to beware of this Evil Goddess Anangu? Now that I think about it, why did he write those words in Middle English?' Charles knew that it wasn't just for fun.

'He doesn't want others to learn about this entity's name. But from what I read from the book Cardinal Smith gave me during my stay in Faith Realm...' He abruptly froze.

'Genesis, tell me more about the Rulers of Hell. Just list out the names.'

[Yes, Host.]

[Connecting to Wisdom Link!.... Connected Successfully!]

[1. Ruler of the First Hell, Xedeus- Aphin. He belongs to the Winged Devil Blooine Race and has 1000 Fallen Noble Devils under him as his subordinates. Each subordinate controls a small domain of the First Hell and always fights for the rightful heir until now.

Note: The host's mortal enemy, Red Prince or Red Devil, is one of Aphin's trusted subordinate Fallen Devils and has a high position in Blood Palace.

2. Ruler of the Second Hell- Nerva...

3. Ruler of the Third Hell- Machrach...

4. Ruler of the Fourth Hell- Rammul...

5. Ruler of the Fifth Hell- Ormor...

6. Ruler of the Sixth Hell- Milrel...

7. Ruler of the Seventh Hell- Ralnu...]

'What the heck? Why is the information from Wisdom Link completely different from what I read in Faith Realm? Moreover, isn't Red Prince a Ruler of the Seven Hell? But why does it says he only rules over the 66th Domain of the First Plane? Wait.'

'The book I read in the Faith plane was a book of the Devil or a fallen angel. But because of the dangers of Nightmare Box, I didn't pry too much into it and quietly left the Faith Plane. If my guess isn't wrong, that book might be telling information about the past overlords of the Seven Infernal Planes. But why does the history was erased from the Wisdom Link itself?' He couldn't help but frown.

What startled him now was that his mortal enemy appeared far more powerful than he had anticipated.

'Red Prince seemed to have ruled over the Seventh Hell during the ancient time but now only works as a subordinate of the newly ascended Devil Lord of the first layer. Something feels so suspicious.' Charles also remembered the Edhen's Children Organization's scheming plan called 'Project Destiny.'

'Now that I think about it, Lydia also revealed something when I asked her more about Project Destiny, right? Indeed, the Edhen's Children's other goal is to steal something. But before she utters the truth, Red Prince's purple flame burned her.' Even though it happened long ago, he remembered every incident clearly and started making guesses. (Ref. chapter 128).

'Hmm, the reason Fate Professor killed Elder Seer and even assassinated Demigod Raphael might be a distraction, as I suspected earlier. But distraction from whom? If I'm not wrong, Demigod Miguel also entered a separate domain during that time and stopped Demigod Emerson from interfering in the battle at Northern Graveyard. So, even if he knew the truth of his father's assassination or something, he wouldn't have any time to return to Miracle City without killing Demigod Miguel. That leaves only the Legendary Powerhouses under Demigod Raphael and the Destiny Conquerors' members. In the past vision, they fought each other, creating a complete mess throughout Miracle City. No, someone hadn't participated in the battle at all. Asher.' He suddenly recalled the mysterious air hostess and raised his eyebrows.

'Now I'm 90% sure she is the Demigod hiding in the dark and watching everyone's movement. From Sun God Abium's warning, she might be that ancient Evil Goddess Anangu.' At that moment, Violet's words also appeared in his mind.

"Why are you keep calling Asher 'Her'? She isn't alone." That's what Violet said before running to the kitchen.

? 'So, there are two entities hidden in one body? One is Asher, and the other one is Anangu?' He muttered solemnly.

'Hmm, Fate Professor might have created this whole mess only to keep Asher not acting up while he achieves his goal. Unfortunately, I came to this city at the 'right' timing and messed up his plan.'

'But why does this mighty Evil Goddess help Asher? Syreni Race. Ezra also said that the Syreni race worshiped a Chaos Goddess, right? Could it be she is the one?'

He quietly looked at the strange mithril dagger in his right hand and took a deep breath.

'From the looks of it, only I know a little more about Anangu than any other. What's more shocking is that I got her dagger on a strange unknown plane and even brought it to this very city. Destiny? No, I would've noticed the destiny string. The only answer to my question is a real master plan. Anangu. No wonder even Sun God warned me to be wary of her.'

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Fire Mage Chapter 579 Warning