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God of Time System: Harem in the Zombie Apocalypse
Chapter 161 Training Where I Should Fight A Battle


"Monster!" Arma spoke as he looked at me with his eyes widened. I scratched the back of my head with my hand and smiled at him. "I told you, I am stronger than I seem," I told him before moving towards him again, preparing for another slash.

[Time Rejection!]

Once again, he took the attack without caring to dodge it. He was rather focused on defense and healing than dodging at this point.





-Slash! 𝗶𝚗𝘯re𝐚d. 𝑐𝗼𝙢




He kept using his spear to attack me from all the sides and everytime he did that

[Time Rejection!]

? I simply rejected the attacks as if they didn't even occur. However, it wasn't getting any results whatsoever. We were more or less at a stalemate.

After another 2 minutes of useless exchange, he kinda stepped back and just looked at me with a slightly annoyed gaze,"seriously, I have never met anyone as annoying as you. Don't take it personally, but this situation… it's irking me."

"It's okay. Take your time," I spoke with a kind smile and he shook his head with a slight chuckle as he mumbled,

"It would have been better if you had the capability to kill me, but you… how come you have no skills at all? All you have is a single slash. That's all. Plus, I can't really hold back either."

'Well, I can kill him if I use 'that' slash, but honestly, I don't want to kill him. Especially after he has been so frank with me with everything. We would have been good friends if not for the situation,' I thought as I looked through the System, trying to figure out a way on my own.

"What should we do now, Michael? I don't sense any change in your body, so it seems like you, too, can continue forever. What should we do? Fight for forever?" He asked, as he couldn't figure out what to do either.

"Hmmm, can you teach me how to use a spear? Not like we are running out of time either… maybe, I can defeat you that way?" I asked with slight curiosity. He observed me with a sudden blank face before he started laughing out loud…

'How much time in the outside world will pass, if I spend a year here?' I asked, just out of curiosity and

[12 Seconds]

Was the answer. Might as well utilize the time here. After all, we are talking about one of the 5 greatest spearman here.

"Not a bad idea… but are you up for it?" he asked after gaining back his composure and I pondered a little before nodding at him. It was totally fine. I can handle that.

"Well, let's check it then. First change your stance into," he then immediately began walking towards me and started helping me with all the movements and stuff.

Compared to the swordsmanship stance, which was a balance of defense and offense, the spearman ship was more on the offensive side. That's what I conferred with, the way I was positioned right now.

"It was more suited for races with more leg strength, so I kind of am surprised a human like you can maintain this position," he said as he observed me and I smiled at him. Well. Technically, I am not a human anymore.

Then he positioned a wooden spear in my hand.

"Now then, try to pierce this dot," he spoke as he created a dot in the air. And I moved my spear extremely slowly as I reached the point where he created that dot. Before bringing my spear back.

Once done, I broke down on the ground as I asked,"How long did that take?"

I was all sweaty and everything and he was just looking at me with a bright smile,"I was surprised that you didn't break the stance, not even once. It did take over 3 weeks to finish that but-"

"3 Weeks?!" I questioned as I gawked at him and he chuckled as he spoke,"so you didn't even notice how much time has passed, huh? Now that would be interesting."

He then hurriedly forced me to stand up, take up the wooden spear again, and repeat the same steps all over again. I did that, once again it took me 3 weeks… and once again… I repeated…

Time passed quite fast from that point onwards as I tried my best to not make any mistakes and every once in a while, Arma told me about himself and his life. I, too, shared bits of my life with him while I did the practice.

Since 1 month here was merely a second outside, I wasn't exactly worried about anything being late or something. All the more because, even if I stayed a day outside, George and the others were there to protect me.

As time passed, or even years did… I was finally able to make the first hit within a second or less. The time it took to learn this much was… damn… 30 weeks and one day.

'At least it didn't take more than a year,' I sighed on the inside as I looked at him and said,"Let's move to the next move."

He laughed out loud once again as he nodded before helping me with another slash which was exactly similar to the last one except about 1 cm away from the original point.

Since everything was similar, it only took me 4 weeks to perfect that as well, as well as improving from another point as well. Soon, we shifted to learn more and more moves, things got smoother and everything started coming naturally to me.

The timing, the points, everything matched quite well. For the next few months, I learned all the basic moves before moving to a bit more complex stuff.

While I was doing the slashes without any movements, I started moving along with slashes, and with every slash, I also learnt how to use my own breath into the slashes. There is a reason why we breathe the way we do, and Arma told me ways to bypass that as well.

According to him, I was learning everything too fast. And what I was more amazed about was that, rather than getting jealous or anything, he was really proud of me.

And just like that, time had passed before I realized anything…

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God of Time System: Harem in the Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 161 Training Where I Should Fight A Battle