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Hunter of Immortals
Hunter of Immortals

Hunter of Immortals

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“The greatest equalizer in life is death. If it becomes possible to cheat death, equality and fairness would be shattered, and all ethics, morals, common sense, and laws would be thrown into disarray.”

In a dystopian world 100 years in the future, where immortality is no longer just the stuff of fantasy, the pursuit of eternal life has become a universal obsession. Everyone is constantly toiling away in a never-ending hamster wheel, dedicating the entirety of their lives to work and earning money for the chance at an eternal afterlife in a vast cyber interface known as the Metaverse.

However, some are not content with merely existing for all of eternity in a cyber reality, and those people turned to the exploitation of blank slates, humans with advanced brain functions that can have alternate personas uploaded into their minds, essentially acting as vessels to extend the lives of others. Adam is a blank slate who wakes up one day with no memories and an unclear past. In his journey to uncover his past, he inadvertently unearths the heinous secrets lurking in the dark underbelly of this dystopian world, sending his life careening on a wild trajectory completely out of his control…


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