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I.. Am God?
Chapter 256 Boar Tide

"Young Master, I am not cursing the Lord Master! There's just too much Forest Boars outside! As your protector, I need to bring you to safety!" He persuaded.

"Safety, my ass!" Pu spat angrily, "I am not just your Young Master, I am also the Young Chieftain of this land! Even if I am weak, I am obligated to fight side-by-side with my people! How dare you tell me to escape?!"

"If you want to escape, just bring Mother with you! I will stay here and fight!" Immediately, he rushed out of the house and ran as fast as he could towards the frontline.

Looking, out, he saw the blazing fire from afar, causing him to become even more determined to rush forward. 𝙞𝓃𝙣r𝘦а𝘥. Co𝙢

"Young Master!" Kulkon was shocked. He immediately ran towards Pu, following him to the battlefield.

At the Outer Mound..

The flames of battle had already raged throughout the field. Blood had already spilled across the mound. Torches stood behind the lines, lighting the land while also providing hope for the people.

Hundreds of boars were rushing, rampaging throughout the battlefield as the warriors atop the mounds stood to not let them go past it. But, all that effort seemed like nothing in front of the vicious tide as several boars rushed and flew towards them.

"Karu!" In the middle of the formation, a huge man wielding a shining stone ax yelled behind the line. Time had already ravaged his body yet he was still as strong as ever, swinging his weapon while his white hair stained with blood swayed in the air.

"What is it, Lord Chieftain?" Another bulky man rushed to the front and asked whilst panting. Before even hearing the Chieftain's order, a boar rushed from the side.

? "Kraagh!" Livid, Karu raised his ax and chopped down at the boar before kicking it away.

"Evacuate the residents of the outer mound further in! We will retreat to the Inner Mound!" Chieftain Mein howled before kicking a rushing boar down.

"As you wish, Lord!" Karu bowed before going back behind the line.

"Evacuate further in!" Karu bellowed towards the people of the Outer Mound.

"Evacuate!" The others also spread the order.

Immediately, the people rushed towards the Inner Mound. The people brought the torches lighting up their homes and placed them near the Inner Mound.

At this time, seeing that even the warriors were already struggling to defend, as soon as the people and their things were evacuated inside, the working force rushed up to the top of the Inner Mound with their sharpened wooden pikes, preparing to join the fight against the boars. Even some relatively stronger women joined them on the top of the mound.

At the frontline, seeing that the people had successfully evacuated, Karu immediately informed the Chieftain.

"Retreat immediately, go far from the mound as soon as possible!" Chieftain Mein declared.

Now with the instruction of the Chief, the warriors picked the torches up from the ground and led the way, rushing back, and immediately creating a huge gap from the boar tide. Other unfortunate men were slammed down as flying boars flew at them and fell on their bodies and crushed them.

With that retreat, a total of ten men died, reducing their numbers to 50. Mein's loyal warriors were also down to seven, furthering the gap between the more organized warriors of Yatherkhan, who was secretly smirking at him on the side.

'Soon, once this tide finishes, I will reign over the Plains as its new ruler!' Khan laughed in his heart. 'Forget that incompetent son of his, he wouldn't even pose a threat.'

While he was in his thoughts, Mein shouted, "Incoming!" And as expected, the horde of boars were already closing the gap, rushing towards them.

"Hurry, everyone! To the mound!" Karu exclaimed. "We can't! They're too close!" A warrior shook his head and prepared to fight. Hearing that, everyone grimaced.

Up the mound, the workers and women gasped in horror when they stopped. "What are they doing?! Rush here!" One of the women shouted.

"They can't! The boars have already closed the gap!" One of the workers shook his head and sighed.

"Then what are we going to do?"

"Go down!"

"We can't! We will definitely die!" Another worker shrieked with fear. With that, everyone suddenly shuddered. No one wanted to die.

"Fools!" Suddenly, a shout was heard behind the mound, causing everyone to turn their heads.

"What are you up this mound?! Why are you here if you're scared to die?!" An old man holding a stick shouted with anger as he ascended the mound and lashed at the one who spreaded fear. "Are you the descendants of the Sun God?! You bastards don't have the balls! Even the women weren't scared before this weak f*cker caused fear to everyone!"

"Elder Shuyi!" The people exclaimed.

Shuyi Yatherwei was a worker and a warrior of the Plains for more than one hundred years, witnessing three generations of the Yathermein lineage's rule in his life. Together with the late Seventh Chieftain Sukh, they established the warrior class and introduced the stone weapons to the warriors, effectively strengthening the defense of the Plains against the beasts.

If the Yathermein lineage lost power, it would've been the Yatherwei's time to rule the Plains, but Shuyi did not even think about it, not leaving any descendants to vie for the Plains and staying loyal to the chieftain. If not for him, the Yathermein lineage would've ended with the Eight Chieftain Sich.

"Even if you do not go down, you will die once the Chieftain dies down there. How stupid can you be?" He sneered as he stumped towards the front of the mound. He was going to speak to motivate the others but he was cut off.

"Young Master! Please return!" Kulkon's pleading shouts sounded from behind them. They turned around and saw the Young Chieftain Pu rushing with a spear on his side whilst leaving Kulkon behind.

"Let me fight, Kulkon!" Pu shouted back without stopping. Hearing those, the workers sneered at him. "What can a weak person like him do?" The others muttered.

"He would just die there." Muttered the other.

They then heard something coming out of Pu's mouth that shut them up, shaking them to the core, "I will fight to defend my people even if I'm weaker compared to them!"

"Huh?" The others were baffled.

"Hmm?" Elder Shuyi's eyes lit up.

Pu ran and ran as he reached the top of the mound. Suddenly, seeing the Elder, Pu immediately stopped and bowed towards him, "Greetings, Elder Shuyi." He greeted him respectfully before rushing forward once more.

"What makes you think that you are needed by the people to defend them, Young one?" Shuyi walked in front of him and smiled.

Pu looked at the fight below and replied, "Can I answer that later, Elder? My Father, the warriors of the Plains, need me there." He pointed below, "I need to help them."

"Do you think they need your help?" Shuyi asked once again.

"They don't need me." Pu answered truthfully, seeing that the Old Man wouldn't let him pass if he did not answer. Elder Shuyi's eyebrows lifted with intrigue. The workers, hearing his answer, shook their heads and sighed, "At least he knows his incompetence." They muttered, which earned them Elder Shuyi's glare.

"Then, why are you going there, even when you know that you are not needed there?" He asked.

"Because it is my obligation, responsibility, and fate to be fighting with them on the battlefield." He answered with conviction.

Seeing that Elder Shuyi still wasn't moving, Pu continued, "I admit that I am weak, way weaker than the people of the Plains, but even before I was deemed weak, I am the Young Chieftain, son of the Ninth Chieftain from the lineages of Great Chieftains. Even if I am weak, I have the heart of a Chieftain that pumps the blood of generations of Chieftains within my body!"

"Even If I am weak, I am a man of the Plain! It is my duty to protect our land from enemies and it is my duty as the Young Chieftain to be an inspiration and a pillar for my people!"

"As the Chieftain, do I let my people shed blood while I do nothing and escape? Impossible!"

"I would rather fight in the frontlines than to escape and let the people die!"

"You are weak!" Elder Shuyi suddenly taunted him with a low yet powerful voice, "You will just become a hindrance to them, you will not be able to do anything!"

"If being a hindrance means that I will become a feed to the enemy, not being able to even hurt a single beast, I will gladly do so!" Pu retorted with determination, shocking everyone. "If it means that I can offer myself to the enemy to let a single warrior return safely, then let me be a hindrance!"

He suddenly struck the bottom of his spear shaft on the ground, causing the land to quake, "If it means all that, then I will become a hindrance!"

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I.. Am God? Chapter 256 Boar Tide