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I Became A Supporting Character
I Became A Supporting Character

I Became A Supporting Character

Author: HaveYouEaten
Rating: 5/5 from 3 ratings. Your Rating?
52 Chapters 11837 Views 32 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


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Adhi realized that he had transmigrated into the body of a handsome young master.

Adhi thinks that he will become a Villain.

After the system is awakened, Adhi turns out to be a supporting character.

This world consists of a combination of several novels.

Villains usually change plots to gain Villain points.

Changing the plot means: The villain will plunder the Protagonist's luck, opportunity and heroine.

If the Villain succeeds in changing the plot, the Protagonist's luck will decrease.

Once the Protagonist's luck runs out, the Protagonist will lose his status as the Protagonist.

Since Adhi became a supporting character, Adhi is in the Protagonist's camp.

Adhi must prevent the Villain from changing the plot.

If the Protagonist's luck decreases, Adhi's health will also decrease.

After the Protagonist's luck decreases by another 4 times, Adhi will die.

In this world, the Villain was also a transmigrator.

Due to frequent reading of novels, Villain is very familiar with many plots.

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