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I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen
Chapter 196 Rocking The Bed [+18]

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'Well, I need to support you with alot of Mana and keep your body safe, but it's all worth it if you rocked this bed hard~'

Hearing the succubus's sweet voice as his body began growing bigger and bigger, gazing down at his two girls with a lusful expression, determined to literally wreck their bodies!

Growing huge shredded muscles as his face turned mature. A handsome vampire-like man with a large meaty rod swinging up and down.

The two girls with open wide eyes began huffing unsteadily, on their knees, seating on their butts. Being in front of an incubus was absolutely outstanding.

"Hahaahhh! Uhammm! Hammmm!"

"Haammm! Ahhhhh! Uhmmmm!"

Involuntarily orgasming and breathing heavily just with his gaze on them, not even touching him, just staring with spinning eyes. Trembiling like crazy, from both surprise and extreme arousal, squirting on their panties and making his bed sheet wet!

"D-Daddy, p-please, fuck me, I can't hold it anymore uhmmm! ahhmm!"

Seating back on the bed and pleading to her Daddy's love, unable to hold herself back, resulting her golden eyes to slowly developed some cute shiny heart-pupils. Sweating profusely and waiting impatiently.

His manly smell, appearance, and aura were incredibly pussy-wetting. Even his swinging fat cock got bigger and fatter along with his muscles. Towering the two girls like a gaint with his rod throbbing.

"Sure, cutie"

Uttering with a faint grin, his handsome face was naturally cold, but now more manlier. Jerking his hand and groping Ashely's big melons, aggressively crushing his fingers in her soft flesh and pressing his palm on her puffy shievering nipple.

"Aghmmmmmm!!! Ohh fuccckkk! I-I can't do it anymore!"

Moaning whorely just as he squeezed her boob, which was still covered with the lacy sexy bra. Unlike the succubus Rose, for human girls, Alex incubus form was on a heavenly leveling, causing the girls to climax without touches.

"You're so soft, but I wanna break you tonight~"

Lifting his hand from her tender milkers towards her face, gently carassing her cheek with his palm, which now was bigger than her whole face. Gently rubbing her reddened cheek, then suddenly shoving his thumb again into her open mouth.

Stroking her rosy tongue and soon getting his finger sucked and squeezed on by her rosy soft lips. His face bloomed a smug as he was seeing a more lewd expression than before.

'Come on, it's time for the threesome! No, the foursome, Mary is joining soon, but I want to already fuck Ashley's brains out by then!'

Their fun time wouldn't be this fun without Liza pushes, instantly making the daddy Alex send his other hand down behind Ashley, gracefully and roughly sinking his fingers into her peachy buttocks. Groping them hard while violating her mouth with his hand.

Slowly bringing her closer and closer, until her plump chest bumped squeezingly against his buffed chest and shredded abs. Feeling his hot burning meaty rod twitching on her flat soft belly, sending her chills down her spine.

He still wanted to add more dirty talk as Liza always suggest, lowering his smirking lip down to her ear, causing some shievers. This time, he wanted to be the real daddy.

"I will fuck you up, drag down your dirty underwear and open your hole to me, I'm gonna tear it apart"

"Uhmmmm! Hamnnnnn!"

Smirkingly whispering in her ear with his seductive voice and receiving some needy moans from her occupied mouth. Just hearing his order, her hands clumsily grabbed into the highlegged strings of her panties and lowered them.

Exposing her honeycomb which was dripping with sticky fluids, extremely wet and ready for his dick. She was about to go untie her bra too, but two different hands came to help!

It was Anna! Silently undone Ashley's bra, releasing her large milk glands and revealing her puffy shievering nipples. Anna was in total shock and extreme arousal, having her body trembling from all the orgasm, but still not having the heart pupils yet.

She just silently admired her boyfriend's mature face and body with glowing eyes and huffing mouth. She could no longer be the lively confident Anna, all she could do was sit down and wait for him to fuck her. Of course, she knew he wanted to start with Ashley, so she help undressing.

"Anna, stripe too, I don't wanna see any piece of cloth on you body"

Without looking at his girlfriend on the side he aloofly said. Anna immediately began undressing while keeping her eyes on the shower.

Alex slowly raised up his face and gently pushed Ashely back! Resulting her to fall on her back, bouncing her big titties in all sides and looking at her excitedly.

He slowly went into the bed on his knees, plunging his fingers into her thick thighs from below, feeling the softness as he raised them up! He gradually began pressing her legs back on her.

Squeezing her soft boobs with her knees and raising your her ass, exposing both her holes, most important, the pink honey comb. In a mating press position, he brought his twitching cock close.

Grabbing his fat rod and running his spongy glans against her bottom wet lips, witnessing the changes in her expression. The heart pupils were glowing extra!

"Uhammm! Ahmmm! Yes, daddy! Ram it inside of me, yeah! Uhmmmmm!! It's so bigggn!!"

Going mad crazy as his pinkish tip stroke her pussy and going crazier as he jammed it inside, already stretching her tongue out with teary eyes, feeling her cunt stretching wider.

Plap! Plaup! Plap!

"Auhhm! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Uhhmmm!! Fuckkk! Oh yeahh! I'm cumminggg again!! Uhmmmm!!"

Squatting on the bed and pressing her legs against her, then immediately start hammering down her clit, with his large body, and fat cock, rumbling her insides and ravishingly putting a beautiful aheago face on her.

PLAP! PLAUP! PLAUP! 𝙞𝓃𝙣r𝘦а𝘥. Co𝙢

Smacking his abdomen on her raised ass, literally making all her flesh bouce in waves, and her fluids to splash all around. Just going harder and harder, slamming down his vibarting meaty stick down her cunt.

"Oh fuck! I'm going crazyyy uhmmmm!"

On their side, he could hear his girlfriend fingering her wetted cunt with a desperate expression, completely nude from head to toe, sitting on her butt, in a wariza position, watching the bed rumble, gazing at Ashley's screwed messy face.


"Uhamm?!! Ahmmmmm!! Auhhhahn! Aughmmmm! Ohhhn!! Daddy, I'm cumminggg again and again!!! Uhmmm!!"

Just going rougher, smacking down his saggy big balls slappingly on her pink virgin butthole, while his marshmallo-like glans went flying to rock her empty womb, squirting excessively on his bed.

Going like that for several minutes tirelessly.

Sending her large breasts springing and making her huffing like a thirsty dog. Her moans were too loud, and he needed to keep it down! Jerking his right arm and shoving three fingers into hwr mouth, then slamming his fat dick faster!


"Uahmmmmm!! Ahgmmmmm!! Ugmmmmm!!"

Not just getting violated entirely, but also having his Daddy's meat throbbing immensely, swinging up and down in her tight inside. He was about milk her down with his hot jezz.


The sound of slapping increased, along with the throbbing. The bed began rocking harder, and Ashley's body reached the limit. Her daddy truly fucked her body and soon pumped down his seed into her womb.

"Ahmmmm~ Uhmmm~"

Letting out some manly pleased groans as shots of his jizz invaded his girl's womb, filling it up, but still he pressed down more, squeezed tight his abdomen with her soft thighs, while laying his twitching balls on her asshole.

Rising up her bubble ass even upper as he squashed acutely, hearing her whines while his fingers still occupying her mouth. Her eyes lost focus, swinging all up with heart pupils. A beautiful aheago!

After a couple minutes of semen pumping, Alex raised his only-muscles upper body, gawking at Ashley's sweaty and quivering body. She no longer could move, just panting heavily and feeling her body melting.

"Ahmmm~ Master, Darling, Daddy, I wanna have the same face, please fuck my body rough~"

Nonetheless, he didn't have much focus to study the daddy's girl hot body. Another sweet needy voice took his eyes to the side, gazing at nude sweaty girl fingering her sticky cunt hurriedly with her fingers.

"Daddy, pound me harder, please, I will go crazyyy"

Biting her bottom lip hard while two pink hearts occupied her eyes. Lust totally corrupted her mind, calling him Daddy in hope her cunt would turn into a mess like Ashley, and so it was going to happen...

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I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen Chapter 196 Rocking The Bed [+18]