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I Have Medicine
Chapter 445 - Arriving at Qingyun Sect

Chapter 445 - Arriving at Qingyun Sect

Once these words were uttered, the numerous clan members became increasingly overjoyed.

Someone asked: “How do we compete for resources?”

Another said: “What did you mean by this?”

Then, someone else inquired: “How many resources does it take to welcome our clan members?”

These words were asked by those winners.

Gongyi Tianheng said: “After reaching the Central Continent, the ambient qi is extremely dense. Your strength will increase by leaps and bounds. Before the Immortal Realm, all resources will be provided by me. After you reach the Immortal Realm, all of you will be like my other subordinates. How many contributions you make will determine how many resources you receive. Every time your strength undergoes a realm advancement, you can compete for higher rankings and acquire rewards.

“In addition to this, all of you can leave the mountain to go out adventuring, experience your own opportunities, and save up resources. These resources will be yours to accumulate. After reaching a certain amount, you can come find me to exchange for the chance to welcome the clan members of your branch.”

Off to the side, Gu Zuo heard this, and slightly furrowed his brows.

With their current strength, the Void-Breaking Shuttle had to use up the spiritual source for every displacement. If big brother made this kind of promise, wouldn’t it... However, Gu Zuo also didn’t misunderstand. This was for the sake of mobilizing the clan members’ enthusiasm. Perhaps, in big brother’s mind, if this could motivate those younger generations to succeed and work diligently, the loss of a few drops of spiritual source would be worth it.

As a result, Gu Zuo didn’t make any objections. 𝙞𝚗𝓷𝗿𝚎аd. 𝙘𝒐𝚖

If worst came to worst, he would redouble his own efforts, and strive to become an earth-level pharmacist sooner. Then, he would refine Void Pills to reduce the pressure on big brother.

When those winners heard Tianheng’s words, they were also in high spirits.

If it was said that one could exchange for such benefits after getting stronger, then there was hope ahead. Reuniting with their relatives was right before their very eyes — They swore to achieve it or die trying!

Tianheng glanced at everyone’s expressions, and was satisfied: “The placements have now been confirmed. After this, everyone must make their decisions as soon as possible. No matter which path you’ve chosen, give me an answer within the next day. The day after tomorrow, I will lead my numerous clan members to the Qingyun Continent. And I won’t return in the short-term.”

It was only natural that the crowd of clan members were prudent, and swiftly had discussions with the clan elders who came with them. Gongyi Yan also had his own matters that needed handling. Among which, the most important thing was to make arrangements for an acting clan patriarch from the remaining main branches to temporarily take over the affairs of the clan while he was away. Although the main branch of Cangyun City was still the direct line of descent, the clan head’s lineage was already going to be shifted to the Central Continent. As a result, Gongyi Yan would become the clan patriarch of the Central Continent.

Additionally, many cumbersome matters had to be arranged separately. Gongyi Zhuoyue acted as a type of deterrent to suppress reactions from the outside world and several internal conflicts.

Everything was for the continuation of the clan, for the strengthening the clan, and for the development and growth of their Gongyi bloodline!

Gu Zuo and Tianheng returned to the courtyard. With a glance, one would see that the Tianlong Guards were still arduously cultivating here.

The two met each other’s gaze.

Tianheng spoke softly: “This elder brother will give pointers to them about the methods of the six paths.”

Gu Zuo blinked his eyes: “Then, I’ll go refine some suitable medicinal pills for them. Although they can’t break through to the Immortal Realm, it won’t hurt to further tamp and compact their foundations.”

Tianheng ruffled his hair with a smile, and lowered his head to kiss him on the lips. His voice was intimate: “Okay, I’ll have to trouble Ah Zuo.”

Gu Zuo didn’t think anything of it. Instead, he mustered up his courage, stood on the tips of his toes, and pecked Tianheng’s lips with a kiss of his own: “We’re a family, big brother.”

Later on, the two stopped their public displays of affection, and went their separate ways to handle matters.

Tianheng immediately sat in the very front with his legs crossed and back straight. As he swallowed medicinal pills and cultivated, he waited for the Tianlong Guards’ inquiries.

Meanwhile, Gu Zuo directly moved his pill furnace to a place not far away. From the Divine Medicine Palace Hall, he brought out countless medicinal ingredients. After pondering for a moment, he set up several furnaces, and simultaneously refined different pills.

Human-level medicinal pills... As far as the current him was concerned, these were but mere trifles.

In the blink of an eye, a day passed by.

Gongyi Yan’s work efficiency was very high, and he had great prestige within the clan. Before long, all matters were dealt with. Everything that needed to be arranged was done to the satisfaction of the clan members of each clan branch.

And on this day, the clan members of each branch seized the moment to explain things to the younger generations who were about to be brought away. Of course, the most important thing was to closely follow Gongyi Tianheng — Because they knew, on that unfamiliar continent, the Gongyi Clan completely lacked any foundation. It was like a drifting piece of duckweed. All that they had to rely on was their young lord. As a result, the entire clan shared one heart and mind. They would strive their hardest to not hold back their young lord. Only in this way could a solid foundation be laid for the complete relocation of future Gongyi Clan members.

The younger generations who could be selected were the kind of people who worked hard in cultivation and didn’t have major character flaws. Naturally, they were all aware that the clan came first. They understood even more that they weren’t only targets to be nurtured, they were also the future pillars of the clan. They were pioneers.

Everyone inwardly made a firm resolution. They would spare no effort to develop the clan!

At last, the appointed time arrived.

The three hundred youths could only take the belongings purchased by their own clan members. They couldn’t bring along any attendants or servants. However, their expressions were unswerving and determined. They had already finished their preparations.

Everything was for the sake of becoming powerful. Everything was for the sake of the clan’s development!

Amid everyone’s gazes, Gu Zuo took a step forward, and pointed a finger.

In an instant, a ray of silvery light burst forth. It landed on the ground up ahead, and transformed into an enormous silvery-gray shuttle. A splendorous radiance roamed across its surface. Although the entire structure was only one color, it was extremely gorgeous and ornate. People couldn’t help but hold their breaths.

Gu Zuo said: “This is that wondrous treasure. With it on hand, it uses precious resources to briefly travel through spacetime, and bring people back and forth.” After that, he seriously said, “Now, all of you mustn’t resist.”

Following this, the Void-Breaking Shuttle overflowed with a ray of silvery-gray radiance, which enveloped the three hundred Gongyi Clan youths. Before the other clan members could blink, they watched as that radiance suddenly pulled back. The three hundred younger generations it carried away had disappeared!

It was truly too miraculous!

Gu Zuo nodded his head: “Tianlong Guards!”

The next moment, one hundred eighty Tianlong Guards flashed out from all directions, and instantly kneeled on the ground in front of Tianheng. The imposing aura of each individual wasn’t any weaker than that of Dragon 21, whom they saw previously. When the dense mass of Tianlong Guards kneeled, their imposing auras were even more frightening, and caused the hearts of the clan members to suddenly palpitate.

Subsequently, these Tianlong Guards stood up, and also vanished inside a ray of silvery-gray radiance. It looked like they had similarly entered the Void-Breaking Shuttle.

After that, Gongyi Zhuoyue, Gongyi Yan, and Liu Suyan went to Tianheng’s side. Gu Zuo took Gongyi Tianteng’s small hand, and walked over as well.

Tianheng said: “We are leaving. When we met again, I hope it isn’t during a time of disaster for the clan.”

In the eyes of numerous clan members, there was a trace of gratitude. With greater respect and reverence, they all said: “May the clan patriarch take care of himself! May the young lord take care of himself! May everyone take care of themselves!”

In the blink of an eye, Tianheng and the others also vanished from sight. The only thing left at their original location was that huge Void-Breaking Shuttle. After another flash, the shuttle turned into a ball of silvery light, and hurtled straight into the cloudy sky. Amid the endless light of day, it disappeared without a trace.

Following a period of faint trembling, the Void-Breaking Shuttle landed within a mountain range.

Even though its momentum wasn’t great, it still caused the surrounding beasts and birds to feel an intense sense of crisis. Relying on their instincts, they fled far away.

Gu Zuo glanced at the front end of the Void-Breaking Shuttle.

In that place, there was originally a drop of spiritual source. After traveling to the Cangyun Empire and arriving at Qingyun Sect, this series of trips had completely used up the last trace of spiritual source just now.

The passengers within the shuttle were densely packed. Gu Zuo’s thoughts moved, and everyone appeared on flat ground. Because of the large number of people, the empty stone field was filled up at once.

Gongyi Tianheng said: “Dragon 21, you and the other Tianlong Guards will protect the members of the Gongyi Clan here. Try not to show yourselves to other people as much as possible.”

As expected, Dragon 21 replied in a solemn voice: “Yes, young master.”

Then, Tianheng looked at the other clan members again: “I will go make a deal with Qingyun Sect. It’ll be inconvenient to bring all of you along, so wait here.”

The numerous youths of the Gongyi Clan responded: “Yes, young lord!”

After that, Tianheng bade farewell to his own parents and close relatives. Liu Suyan and the others naturally didn’t insist on going with him. They only looked forward to their children, Tianyang and Mingxia, whom they hadn’t seen in a long time.

Tianheng and Gu Zuo journeyed side by side. In a single body flicker, they had already travelled more than five kilometers. It didn’t take long to arrive outside of Qingyun Sect.

Of course, what they saw at a glance were those endless fields and the outer sect disciples who worked the land. The two felt somewhat emotional as they recalled the scenes back then in the outer sect where they did their best to contend with others.

Now that Gu Zuo thought about it, he felt that, although he was very busy refining pills and making money at that time, it was also quite warm and comforting.

Tianheng patted Gu Zuo’s head.

Gu Zuo turned around with a smiling expression. After that, the space between his brows burst forth with a wisp of formidable psychic power, which quickly wrapped up the two people.

At the same time, a set of black cloaks swiftly enshrouded their bodies. The hoods were lowered, concealing their appearances.

Under the effects of the incredible psychic power, the pair silently entered Qingyun Sect. And with the aid of Tianheng’s Atomic Realm strength, none of the many Atomic Realm powerhouses within the sect could discover their traces.

The location they proceeded towards was where the sect master cultivated in seclusion.

The sect master of Qingyun Sect, Qin Bailang, was a high Ascendant Realm martial artist. Even though he had a firm grasp on his own lineage and the trends of the entire sect, he usually delegated his power and authority to the various elders. Meanwhile, he himself was always in the middle of painstaking cultivation.

Of course, many people knew that the sect master was secluded within the depths of the sect’s core area, but they didn’t know the specific location of his seclusion. However, Gu Zuo’s psychic power, which was at the Nurturing Psyche Realm, was so strong, and Tianheng’s perception of powerhouses was so sharp, that they naturally found his location before long.

Outside the stone gates, Gu Zuo withdrew his psychic power, while Tianheng let out his Atomic Realm qi emissions.

Just as expected, this kind of action swiftly roused the person inside.

In an instant, a surge of imposing aura spread out from within the stone gates.

Tianheng was like a great boulder. Amid the raging waves and stormy seas of the imposing aura, he remained mighty and unmoved. He also didn’t display any malice.

Gu Zuo released his psychic power, which brushed past like a light breeze. This revealed the two’s peaceful intentions. They didn’t bear the slightest hint of invasiveness.

The imposing aura from those stone gates scattered apart. Immediately following which, the stone gates opened wide. A man’s gentle voice resounded from inside: “Some honorable guests have come to my doorstep. Please come in.”

Under the hoods of the black cloaks, Tianheng and Gu Zuo showed smiling expressions. After that, they lifted their feet, and walked inside.

Those stone gates slowly closed shut behind them.

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I Have Medicine Chapter 445 - Arriving at Qingyun Sect