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I Just Inherited The Arcane Emperor's Legacy
I Just Inherited The Arcane Emperor's Legacy

I Just Inherited The Arcane Emperor's Legacy

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In the Solarian Empire, people were divided by their blood. The nobles enjoyed their life in wealth, with fine wine and amazing food. They reigned supreme over the commoners. The only reason they were able to do this was that they had knowledge of the most powerful force in the world - magic. The nobles controlled their knowledge from easily going to commoners, making it harder for them to learn magic.

Leo, a young orphan in Solaria, had an incredibly powerful affinity for magic. He didn't even know about it because he could never learn magic- he was too poor to try and learn from any magic academies. He was just trying to survive the streets of Solhaven until he found the lost tome of the Arcane Emperor.

“I can beat a 7th Circle Mage.”

“Wow! You must have trained for many decades. How old are you?”



The world was going to be turned upside down.

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