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King of succubus
King of succubus

King of succubus

Author: Golden_raise
Rating: 4.8/5 from 2 ratings. Your Rating?
336 Chapters 16203 Views 37 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


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Why did an incubus become the most coveted species among the most powerful and sought-after empresses, even by primordial goddesses?!

There is a famous legend on the ALZANIA planet. Who says that once every hundred thousand years, an incubus will be born, through a mystical ritual. He will possess mysterious powers that could allow any empress mage to reach divinity, any goddess to achieve supremacy!!....... But would the possessor of such power have the blessing of a peaceful life?!------

Follow the daily life of Alvine, who had just opened his eyes, who suddenly found himself in the body of a boy celebrating his 18th birthday.

[ Ding!! ....]

[The host has reached the age required for activation of the succubus gene ]

[The transformation process into an incubus will begin in 5 seconds... 5....4...3..2..1...]

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