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Legacy Firing
Legacy Firing

Legacy Firing

Author: jdbeue
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Charlus was just living his normal life. But one random day he saw a huge ass star just appear in the sky for a split second. From then on he found that his world turned into a game. He could earn Exp and upgrade his Stats. But Charlus didn't think that it would make too much of a difference. But wait. What? There are monsters in this world? When did that happen? Were they always there and were the government hiding them or were they a new addition that accompanied Charlus' power? And most importantly, was he the only one who had a power? Was it safe for him to just goof off? Charlus, equipped with his natural sense of humor and a strangely prevalent combat instinct now has to finish quests that might seem interesting to him, but change the world, one small step at a time. Read on as Charlus' legacy in the world fires off.

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