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Lord Shadow
Chapter 1476 A Roar And A Punch

To reach this level of power and comprehension, the level system that humans have could not explain this.

This is the reason why Azief had always able to fight against people way above his level.

? He has his own paths and he has his own understanding of his own abilities and right now, his killing intent leaked for a second.

And once it leaked, the sky and the earth are full of murderous aura and the pressure of the world descend on him.

It is like a mountain slamming on his shoulders

But Kaiju himself did not lose to him in gathering and unleashing momentum.

'Heh!' he smiles and he laughs

'Hahaha!' his laugh seems to drown all the sound of explosion and split the wind that wanted to push him away

When the pressure falls down on him, he shakes the trident and the entire world semes to tremble.

The seas crush and spirals around him, a powerful aura rushed up to the sky and destroy this pressure, in almost an instant

'You want to fight?' Azief ask.

His voice is very calm. he is not angry. It is almost like he is asking Kaiju to go drink coffee with him.

That is how calm the words seem.

Kaiju smiles.

The people of the world could still see this and eh artis conversation.

Right now, they do not think of how White Owl could even broadcast this scene even amidst the explosion as they are all glued to the screen.

This is the top two fighters of each faction. Win or lose, it will dictate the new world order of the world

Even though Azief spoke calmly, his voice itself has power and his voice spreads in all direction. Even those people who were fighting thousands of kilometers away could hear it and for the people in the island continent they could hear it even more clearly.

'What a Death Monarch!'

'What a Kaiju!'

Everyone that is watching this battle, or those that is fighting all over the island right now could not have expected things to be like this. πš’nπš—r𝗲𝒂𝗱. cπ‘œπ“Ά

The meeting of these two top fighters in the world, there is no useless conversation, and they immediately wanted to fight the moment they meet.

Azief also knows this is now the right moment to make the move. Because it could not wait anymore.

Everything is already hyped out. The only thing left is to win the battle.

'Let's fight then!' Kaiju said., laughing, his laugh echoes all over the Ten Seas. Even though many people view Kaiju as an enemy, he does have all the traits of a heroic person.

Good or evil is forgotten at this moment, the demeanor of Kaiju is shocking but also enchanting, charismatic and have a certain pull to certain people.

'Good!' Azief said as he flew out of the platform.

The moment Kaiju saw Azief is coming towards him, a powerful energy pierces the sky and break the sea waves below him.

And then suddenly the clouds gather again and the thunder and lightning went wild, went crazy.


A powerful shockwave erupted and to the shock of everyone, Kaiju has turned into his dragon form. A thousand feet dragon is in the sky and the visual impact is enough to shake some people

The shadows of this dragon alone cover half of the entire city of Arturia.

Everyone look at this and could not help but be transfixed for a second. And Azief also become bigger and bigger. A golden body that slowly enlarge itself.

A titanic dragon and a titanic giant.

Seeing such a scene, countless of people who were still fighting seem to halt and even those who are still fighting could not help but be distracted.

This is the mood of people in the area of the battlefield

As for the people watching this from other places, they were already stunned.

Even though they did not experience it like the people on the island, they have the advantage of viewing this battle from different angles

It is not like the first time that they saw such scene.

Death Monarch turning to his titanic form, or him fighting a gigantic creature is not the first for people of the world

But none had been so clearly presented in front of their eyes like this

People look at the back of these two people and truly felt that these are top peak combat power of the world right now and there are no peers for these two

Azief body right now is floating, his head seems to touch the extremities of the sky and the clouds around his body dissipated like it is a mirage.


The Dragon roars, thunder and lightning follow, the waves crashed and spirals out of controls, the entire Ten Seas seems to be roaring

Heavenly phenomenon was stimulated and the Earthly Laws is disturbed.

The already chaotic space and time of the Turbulent Sea becomes even more chaotic.

Azief could feel the force but he smiles and then he clenches his fist.

A simple action

But the moment he did that, those who are on the island continent could feel it

Because they feel like there is something pressuring them from every direction.

A sense of oppression like never before descended on the entire island continent.

The spiraling waves exploded out of nowhere and the wind that was rushing towards Death Monarch fizzled all of a sudden

The lightning above seems to suddenly exploded, turning into motes of light like a firework being exploded up during the New Year.

A simple motion of clenching his fist created such a powerful pressure. Each move affects the Heavenly Laws

This is Death Monarch and this is why he is the strongest man in the world!

And he punched out.


The roars of the seas, the roars of the dragon were eclipsed by the sound of this fist.

The powerful fist seems to attach some intangible concept and for a moment, the world hears no sound.

A moment, like the time it takes for a droplet of water to fall from a leaf

A moment

And then the sound appears again and Kaiju and Death Monarch is looking at each other. They seem to be probing each other.

Death Monarch no longer seems to create such destruction like before.

In the past, each time he would make a move, there is all kinds of mystical phenomenon, like the skies turning golden or purple or the space around him would disintegrate.

Not only that, the pressure he emanated would also flatten everything around him. But now, even though there is pressure all over the island continent, it did not destroy or force people down

It did not destroy the buildings around him or flatten miles and miles of land all around him.

now, he punches out but nothing was destroyed.

Some people did not understand this but those people who have knowledge of power and leveling frowned.

Because they understand what Death Monarch is doing is something more difficult and pointed out something to them

Death Monarch has improved again. Those people that see this battle from the screen could not help but frowned

It is the same situation for people who were watching this battle in secret places.

And seeing this, they could not help but sigh.

Improvement would take decades if not years. But why is it when it is Death Monarch, such improvement only takes a few months?

They could not help but feel envious of this

In the past, even though people have power when they unleash it, it is like a nuclear bomb being detonated.

Each punch could break the world

If Earth did not become strong because of the All Source, having a great regenerative power, it is clear that Earth would have long been destroyed.

A battle of two Disk formation, in any other planet, would have caused irreparable damage

But as you grow stronger, one of the most important things you must do is to control your power.

It is not because of moral reason like making sure people are not caught in the crossfire.

No, that is not why these people, especially those people at the Disk Formation level wanted to control their power of inflicting damage

It is more of the fact that when they do punch someone, kick someone, that force would only be directed at that person, or that particular object or places.

It compresses the energy to the ultimate form, like a guided tactical nuclear missile only it is even more powerful

The attack would be precise and the power would be multiplied.

The lower the area of involvement, the denser the power that is concentrated in that one point

That is what Azief do.

Normal people could not see the subtlety and the mystery of that attack.

All over the world, the peoplewatching this from their screen also complains why is there no destruction when Death Monarch punch out but there is always someone knowledgeable

And these people are the ones that will explain such thing to them

Even though this is a battle between two factions of the world, the World Powers and the dark forces of the world comprised of the Crime Alliance, the Pirates and the criminal underworld of the world, to some people, they viewed this more of a battle between Death Monarch and the newly rising star Kaiju who holds the trident of a true god of Olympus.

It is like who would hold the title of the strongest person in the world?

And who holds that title could determine the world order. That is how Death Monarch been using that reputation all of these years.

If Kaiju won and sat at that throne, he might not command the same influence Death Monarch have but it certainly would create a different kind of power dynamic in the world.

If Death Monarch won, then it is business as usual, and that throne of the strongest in the world will still be wielded by Death Monarch.

This makes this battle one of the most important battle to see because it has so many far reaching consequences when the victor is announced


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Lord Shadow Chapter 1476 A Roar And A Punch