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My Five Beautiful Girlfriends Against the Spirit World
My Five Beautiful Girlfriends Against the Spirit World

My Five Beautiful Girlfriends Against the Spirit World

Author: thewhitesnow
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There was a young maiden whose name was Feng Xue. She was the child of the Phoenix Goddess. She used to live in seclusion in the Forbidden Land of the Northern divine region as the girl wasn't born with Nirvana flame, the same as her mother. Fang Xue was still considered to be the auspicious treasure of Heaven and envied by all. The area would have never lack of good fortune if she stayed there. The people of the Western divine region wanted to use her as a tool to get the blessings of heaven. When they came to confiscate her from the Forbidden land of the Northern divine Region, a young boy came for her rescue which was sent by the Dragon God. Phoenix goddess asked dragon God for a favor to save her child who was living in seclusion for which he sent his most capable son to protect. Jin Long fought with the people of the Western divine region a brutal war that shook heaven and earth. He slaughtered many and others ran away. The war ground was dyed by the bloodstream of immortal beings. This incident shook the whole divine realm and a shiver ran down people's spines. Fang Xue fell in love with Jin Long who also liked her in his heart. They went to Heaven's shrine and swore to the Supreme god to be together until eternity. This infuriated Dragon God as it was a disgrace for his blood to marry the Phoenix goddess's daughter who was not even born with Nirvana flame. "Jin Long, for staining our name you will be punished to reincarnate in the lower world. You will forget the girl for whom you disgraced the Dragon race." His father, the Dragon God announced the decision, and a golden light drowned the young boy's body like Heaven's turbulence. Jin Long disappeared as the golden light extinguished. After that Feng Xue shed her tears until Phoenix Goddess agreed to let her reincarnate again along with the person she loved. The goddess told her this might endanger her life as people of the Divine realm might create trouble for her. But Feng Xue was stubborn and was then reincarnated as Cang Xue in the Trasia country. This is the story of Jin Long who once wracked havoc in the Northern divine region for saving a girl named Feng Xue, the Auspicious treasure of Heaven. Join Yue Yan AKA Jin Long, in his Journey to reach the pinnacle of the world with his five beautiful Girlfriends.

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