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My Unconventional Lover: Seeing A Different World
My Unconventional Lover: Seeing A Different World

My Unconventional Lover: Seeing A Different World

Author: ChibiFireflies
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Jane was a horror lover. But, despite her love towards horror movie, she had not had any encounter with the astral beings herself.

However, when she moved to her new dormitory, she made herself a new friend.

A ghost, to be exact.

And a handsome one, too.

But, there was something suspicious with this ghost. He was too...human.


β€œAs the Princess of our clan, you deserve to command the Seventh Advisor and The White Army. May you bring peace upon those who are visible and invisible.”

β€œ...” A princess? Don’t joke with me!

β€œJust accept it. It’s not bad, though.” A certain someone nudged my elbow as he grinned teasingly.

β€œYou will be the only princess who has two prince consorts.” The older one spoke calmly. β€œMy dear princess, will you build your own harem now?” His eyes flashed with dangerous glint.

Harem?! Screw you! I suddenly felt that these two men were only here to cause me troubles......

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