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Naruto: Child of Chakra
Naruto: Child of Chakra

Naruto: Child of Chakra

Author: MisterImmortal
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The cycle of hatred. The will of fire. The curse of hatred. These three ideologies ran the world. Sons kill their Mother. Fathers die for their sons. Friends become enemies. One massacres people to save his village, one enslaves mighty beings in the name of peace. But what happens when peace is still nowhere to be seen, even after the so-called wise men constantly kept on failing? What happens when the wars, the murders, the backstabbing never stops? What happens when the people in power are too incompetent or ignorant to hear the plight of people? A strange boy, with an unknown past and a mysterious body, who was raised by 9 powerful beings, away from the darkness of the civilization, will now stand tall. As he has seen the truth beyond his bubble. Kindness, he has enough, but not all shall receive it. Strength, he has enough, but it's time the world knows it. Follow the Journey of a strange man, confused about his origin, trying to make the world better with one head at a time. [This story is AU.]

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