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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse
Chapter 458 Getting Help From His Daughters Part 2

Blake looked at the runic lines that Joy was drawing out and realized it resembled the way some Asian cultures wrote their texts. Right to left and vertically. "So if they are written like this, that means yous can string together as many as you want as long as it makes sense?"

"You can, but there are three parts. The instruction portion, which tells you what you want to do. The merger stage, which merges the instruction portion together to form the element you want, and then the activation which allows the spell to produce the effects you want. It's simple once you see it in this form, but the only difference is that it is all squashed together, making it hard to really understand unless you know what you are doing. I only understood it because of all the work I have been doing analyzing magic runes." Joy's cheeks were slightly red as she explained things. She wondered if her Papa would praise her.

Luckily her hopes were not unfounded as Blake reached up and patted her head. "You are very smart. You make me your Papa look like a dumb dumb."

"No! Papa is smart! If you were not smart, you could not have built our home!" Joy's cheeks puffed out. She did not like anyone bad mouthing her papa, even if it was her own papa!

"Okay, okay! I am sorry Your papa is smart!" Blake smiled and poked Joy's puffed out cheek, which caused her smile to return.

"Papa, try this one first." Destiny also came and sat down next to Blake. She began drawing out the runic markings in the ground for a certain spell.

"Oh! This is a good one. It will really be useful in a fight." Joy nodded her head, but inside she wished she had thought of this spell as well.

"This is? A strengthening spell?" Blake asked.

"Yes, it will strengthen your body not only offensively but also defensibly as well. Give it a try, then simply punch the air." Destiny explained.

Blake did as he was told and cast the astral spell. He was not used to writing the runes out, but he currently couldn't do this in his head just yet since he could not fully picture them in his mind yet. It took about thirty seconds to write out all the runes before tapping the air sending in a bit of his astral energy. Not even a second later, his entire body suddenly became shrouded in purple light. Once it dimmed, a thin purple layer appeared on his body. This was the astral defense portion of the spell. He took a few steps forward and threw a punch into the air.


A sonic boom was heard. His punch had actually broken the sound barrier. He then threw out another and another. Each time was getting faster and faster until finally…


Blake's fist had moved so fast that it had actually reached the speed of light. This punch alone caused the whole ground to quake. As well as send out a powerful blast of astral energy in all directions.

"This…" Blake was stunned. He looked at his daughters with a questioning gaze.

"This spell enhances your speed as well. I tweaked it a bit to add in the speed rune, and as long as you put effort into it, you will be able to punch or swing a weapon at incredible speeds along with chanced strength of about fifty times your normal power. This spell alone is an easy astral spell, but when tweaked a bit, it can become so much more. i𝙣𝐧r𝑒𝘢𝒅. 𝚌𝚘m

"It seems astral runes are meant to expand and change as needed to produce even better and greater effects than before. So always keep this in mind. Astral runes are not structured by the laws of the elements. You do not need to worry about if the elemental structure is fine, as it will need more imagination and understanding of the runes than anything else. Once you know what rune does what and how it connects other runes, then you can basically do as you want." Destiny explained. She had been tinkering with the astral energy as well and found it to be quite easy to use once you looked at it all from outside the box.

"I will keep this in mind from now on. Joy, Destiny, you have helped me out of my slump. I am proud that you both are growing up so smart. Makes me want to kill any man who comes near you." Blake teased, which caused the girls to purse their lips at him.

"You do not need to worry. Joy and I have no plans of getting married any time soon. We have high standards, after all. If they can not be as good as Papa, they are not good enough for us." Destiny firmly stated while Joy nodded her head.

"Well, we never know what the future holds for you girls. So do not give up on love just yet. You might meet someone someday you truly love, but I will agree on one thing. Right now, you are both still too young. Well, I guess I can't say that anymore for Joy… But Destiny, you are still too young!" Blake already had one daughter who was forced to grow up way too fast. He did wish for Destiny still be a girl her age.

"Papa, I think growing up fast has nothing to do with bedtime things," Destiny said as she hugged Blake's arm. "But as you said before, we will always be your little girls. And I do not plan to be otherwise. At any rate, until I have created the perfect golem, I will not get into a relationship. And from what I understand, I am now unable to die due to age and will age much more slowly from now on, so I will not have to worry about growing old and gray. So as you said, we never know what will happen in the future."

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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse Chapter 458 Getting Help From His Daughters Part 2