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Reborn: Rise of the Greatest Summoner
Chapter 396 War Strategy

Hidden in the secret war base were the higher-ups of Planet Darvis.

Unlike during the battle of Hellfire Mountains were only a select few Grade C Superhumans were present, this time, it was really the full force in Planet Darvis.

This section of the secret war base was a massive hall.

This was the war strategy hall.

At this moment, at the head and very front of the hall was President Shanks. Seated at his left side was the Vice President, Lydia, while seated at his right was the Army Commander of the Nightmare Army, High Official Legolas.

Apart from the High Officials who were also seated at the high table, below the high table in this hall were the other higher-ups of Planet Darvis.

Apart from the survivors of the battle of Hellfire Mountains, Tribe Chief Kohama, Tribe Chief Draconion, and Tribe Chief Aragast were also present.

During the past 5 years, a new Grade C powerhouse rose up among the desert tribes. Tribe Chief Aragast became the 3rd representative of the desert tribes as his Audun tribe already rose to become the 3rd strongest tribe in the desert.

Apart from them, Frost Warrior Freiza was also present. This was the sole Grade C Superhuman representing the frost tribes of the North.

Also, there was a new face.

After 5 years of growth under the competitive environment for Supers that was created under President Shanks' rule, another Grade D prodigy from the Elementalist academy broke her limits and became the latest Grade C Superhuman.

Breaking through made her eligible to attend this gathering alongside her mentors and role models. Also, the Old Monsters like Gorgon were also present.

The gathering kickstarted immediately.

President Shanks looked at everyone present. "I believe I'm not the only one who felt it. One way or another, you must have felt the shift in the air".

His face turned grave. "The Cataclysm is upon us".

His words made a solemn atmosphere descend on this hall.

Despite the fact that they felt far more prepared than 5 years ago and were now reasonably confident in their ability to resist, this did not reduce the lethality of their opponents one bit, the Nak Navy was still the superior force.

This realization that this threat was upon them made them all serious.

President Shanks continued. "We don't know when it will start, we don't even know if it will start the next minute, this is why I took preemptive measures".

"Only John and Ella are now free to keep on working on the Heavy Cruiser that is under construction, everyone else that was involved in the construction have been transferred to focus on making our present combat assets battle ready".

His eyes gleamed. "We need to be prepared for battle any moment".

After using his raised tone to let the tension of this moment settle in them, his tone finally dropped a bit. "Before we discuss our war strategy one last time, I don't know if all of you have been made aware, but they are back".

He turned to look at Legolas. "The Immortals are back".

Legolas nodded. "Yes, and I have already started measures to question them and keep them up to date about everything that happened in their absence".

President Shanks narrowed his eyes as he looked at him. "Legolas, tell me the truth, do they pose any threat to us?"

"No". Legolas answered confidently.

"Tell us what you know about them".

As soon as Version 2 launched and the subsequent response from the Nightmare Army, Legolas was already ready for questions like this and he came prepared. He took a deep breath to organize his thoughts.

"From the first moment I met them, I noticed how special they are and did a lot of research and observations to fully understand them".

"One thing that I understood after observing them long enough was that though they were different, they still had sentiments for Planet Darvis".

"They are not our enemies; their benefits align with ours".

"Also, even if they are, I doubt they have the strength to topple us".

Feeling their doubt, Legolas took a deep breath and gave his last and most convincing reason. "I trust them because of my instincts".

"One thing that I have full trust in is my intuition. It is my greatest weapon, it is what enabled me to become a Grade C Superhuman at record time".

"On meeting them, my intuition gave me no bad signals about them, this is why I trust them".

"I believe that if we use them right, they can aid in our war efforts".

President Shanks nodded; he could finally heave a sigh of relief. "Understood, I will leave anything concerning them to you".

"I'll appreciate that".

Legolas smiled but inwardly, he was cackling. 'Mission completed!'

'By granting me access to all players in the Planet, my farm will grow bigger than I ever expected. Having access to all the players in the planet, if I play my cards and groom them well, I may get benefits that I never expected".

'Maybe, just maybe, I may even level up a grade again in this version'.

While he drowned himself in his inner thoughts, President Shanks kicked off the war planning as all the war veterans chipped in with their own thoughts.

This was when the Old Monsters like Gorgon and George took centerstage. Having started planning for the cataclysm since centuries ago, they pitched in with their abundant knowledge now as last minute adjustments were made to the plan.

A few dozen minutes later, the meeting came to an end.

"And that is our strategy for the war".

President Shanks stood up and raised his cup that was filled with wine. "To surviving the Cataclysm and seeing another day".

"To surviving the Cataclysm and seeing another day".

The others followed his cue.

A few hours later…

The Southern Continent, deep in the desert, a duo of 2 men stood on top a sand dune as they looked at the ocean of gold before them.

"The Hero tribe, it's a thing of history now".

"No, you're wrong". The 2nd man smiled as he turned to look at his son. "The Hero tribe lives; it lives in our hearts".

"So long as we are alive, the Hero tribe is never history".

Blade smiled as he returned his father's gaze.

His father's smile widened. "Besides, you're not doing your duty".

"You're the one supposed to carry the surviving will of the Hero tribe, where is your wife? I thought I would be welcoming my 3rd grandson by now".

"Huh…?" Blade was flabbergasted as he blushed furiously.

His father laughed.

If most people saw this, they wouldn't believe it.

Blade may be the Pugilist Master of the Nightmare Army, he may be one of the strongest Superhumans in Planet Darvis but before his father, he was still that brave and ambitious Pugilist whose only ambition was becoming the Tribe Chief.

"I'll marry". Blade suddenly said.

"Huh?" Now, it was his father's turn to be surprised.

"Don't be surprised". He laughed. "I also think mom would wish me to be in a relationship by now, I've really neglected it". He sighed.

For minutes, father and son talked about different topics, mostly reflecting on the past. The sand they stood on at this moment was the ruins of the previous territory of the Hero tribe, one thing brought them back.

Blade looked at his father one last time. "We've been preparing towards it for the past 5 years, I pushed myself so hard solely because of it".

"It's time". He felt emotional.

"It's time to finally avenge mom and our tribesmen". 𝙞𝓃𝙣r𝘦а𝘥. Co𝙢

His eyes gleamed. "I will avenge them!"

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Reborn: Rise of the Greatest Summoner Chapter 396 War Strategy