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Redo: Grimoire System in the Apocalypse
Redo: Grimoire System in the Apocalypse

Redo: Grimoire System in the Apocalypse

Author: Ullyr
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"Am I being eaten by a SLIME?!?!" A normal man woke up to find himself surrounded by the unconscious figures of his family and neighbors. The land around him was large and open, not a single structure in sight. "What's... going on?" **** Taylor, an emotionally detached family man, woke up in a strange place. Dungeons dotted the land and Monsters ran rampant. After conquering his first Dungeon, he decides that the best way to protect his children is to build a strong community. He begins his conquest as a Support build, focusing on Defense and healing to better protect his loved ones. Is that good enough to keep them alive? Can he build a community strong enough to survive the incoming disasters? Can he unlock the secrets of the mysterious Mana? Join our hero as he uses his powerful defenses to protect those he cares about!

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