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Soul Fusion Online
Soul Fusion Online

Soul Fusion Online

Author: invayne
Rating: 5/5 from 1 ratings. Your Rating?
209 Chapters 6490 Views 18 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


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Down and out of luck, Yuki was. She was fired from her job and needed to find money to pay rent for her low income housing. The only saving grace was a news report she saw. Soul Fusion Online: a vrmmo taking the world by storm. A place where players can turn in game money into cash in the real world. A living world where even the NPCs are as real as anyone you would meet on the city streets. A game with cultivation and leveling mixed together. After creating a male character to play the game with, Yuki begins her journey on her path to becoming a legendary figure in the gaming world. Meeting new friends along her journey, she slowly begins to come out of her shell and loner life, both in game and real life.

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