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Strongest Mystic
Strongest Mystic

Strongest Mystic

Author: slowpokeChaos
Rating: 2/5 from 1 ratings. Your Rating?
55 Chapters 4359 Views 31 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


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“One thought to become a Buddha, another thought to become a Devil.” Ethan's struggle in the world of Helen taught him the meaning of this.

In a post apocalyptic world where the powerful, vengeful, and the seductive trample the weak, Ethan’s journey is filled with love and deception.

After awakening extraordinary powers in a new body, he must uncover the shocking truths and battle for control over his destiny.

But as the stakes run higher from the risks of losing those he spent his entire life loving and protecting, he’s left with making decisions holding far-reaching consequences in the world of Helen.

He has to choose: sacrifice himself for the world or fight for his own personal gains.

Join Ethan on a heart-stopping journey of rebirth and self-discovery as he fights to uncover the truth and seize control of his fate..

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