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Chapter 846 Dagua Village

"Xiangdong, Xiangqing, your mother is back, congratulations!" Liwei's character Song Xi is still clear, although she may not have so many memories of Liwei's previous life, but character is not a thing. It's changed, Li Wei will definitely treat these two cheap children well.

In the future, I don’t have to have another child, and it saves me a lot of hard work.

"Li Wei, thank you for your hard work. It has not been easy for you all these years. Now that you are back, you can accompany your children and live a good life." With her in Ping'an Village, Li Wei no longer has to live the life she used to.

In her previous life, Li Wei and her boyfriend got the certificate early in her junior year. At that time, everyone persuaded her, saying that Lu Liangyu coaxed her to get the certificate because of her status as an Internet celebrity, traffic and fans. Wei refused to listen, and got the certificate from Lu Liangyu.

Then the child was born when I graduated, and the graduation certificate taken with the child in my arms, although it seems to be a winner in life, with a husband and children, but there is nothing like a bride price, three gold medals, wedding photos, weddings, let alone a house and a car. Li Wei only has a marriage certificate, and it is estimated that they did not provide her with the necessary things and procedures for marriage.

She was able to wear it here, and I don’t know if something happened in modern times.

"Auntie, we came here today to look for you. Actually, we have something to ask for your help." Zhou Xiangdong thought for a while before speaking directly, because there is no way to express this kind of thing tactfully.

"What is it?" Song Xi raised his eyebrows.

Zhou Xiangdong glanced at Liwei, "It's because my mother couldn't bring out my younger siblings when she escaped, so now the younger siblings are still there. I want to bring them back, but my mother said that there are no outsiders in that place." I couldn’t get in, so I wanted to ask Teacher Song if there was any way to quietly bring back my younger brother and sister without letting anyone know.”

Song Xi looked at Li Wei in surprise. She didn't expect that she, the original owner, would have given birth to so many children, but it wasn't too many, because many women in this era had too many children, so Li Wei's original owner gave birth to four. , not too much.

It was just that Song Xi felt a little too much.

"Wait for me a moment." Song Xi got up and went back to the room to get a pen and paper, "Liwei, can you tell me what the village is? Can you draw the road map?"

Li Wei shook her head, "I was tricked by someone, I didn't know the route map, and I ran around in the dark when I escaped, I don't know, I have been there for so many years, I don't know the whole picture of the village, but I still remember which row and which house the house is in."

The family is very strict, they never let Li Wei go out alone, no matter what they do, they will send people to follow, it is not easy for her to find a chance to escape.

Song Xi handed the pencil to Li Wei, "That's fine, you can draw briefly first, I'll send someone over there to scout the way first, if you really don't let outsiders in, then how did you get sent in in the first place?" ? So there must be a way to get in, you have to tell me the name of that village."

"What is the name of that village, Dagua Village? I don't know which one it is, because no one has ever written it to me. Anyway, the pronunciation is the sound of melon." Li Wei frowned and said thoughtfully, she was also afraid to say Wrong, let people find the wrong place.

"What are the names of the two children? Even if there is a problem with the name of the village, it will be easier to find them if you know the names of the children." Song Xi continued to ask.

Bringing up the child's name, Li Wei was a little embarrassed, "A six-year-old boy is called Dabao, and a three-year-old girl is called a loser." After speaking, she waved her hands hastily, "I didn't come up with this name, and it has nothing to do with me."

Song Xi nodded, "I understand."

Liwei's original owner was abducted by someone, and she is only eligible to have children, not to name them.

"It's just that these two names are too common and hard to find. Can you draw a rough picture of the child's appearance? For example, what characteristics does the child have that others don't have? Since we are going, we must succeed once, otherwise Let the people in Dagua Village have a sense of vigilance, and it will not be easy to bring the child back."

"Okay, I'll try." Li Wei was not sure if she could draw the child, but in order to successfully bring the child out of the wolf's den, she had to try bravely.

Li Wei took the brush from Song Xi's hand, and she didn't know what was going on, her hand seemed to have magical powers, and she started to draw quickly. After a while, she actually drew two children, Li Wei I was surprised, when will she be able to draw?

Song Xi nodded, "Okay, I'll help you figure out a solution, but it will take time to operate, so don't worry."

"Then trouble Teacher Song." Li Wei said gratefully, she really has no ability to go back to Dagua Village, if she really does go back, she probably won't be able to get out.

Liwei, Zhou Xiangdong, and Zhou Xiangqing came out of Song Xi's house. When they turned their heads, they saw Zhou Dayou standing by the door next door. Everyone in the entire Ping'an Village had been moistened by the spiritual spring water to some extent, so everyone's appearance was better than that of Song Xi. It was much better before, even Zhou Dayou, a scum who loves to beat people, now looks like a dog.

When Zhou Dayou looked over, Li Wei trembled and hurriedly avoided his sight, for fear of being recognized by him.

After the three of them left Song Xi's house, Li Wei asked in a low voice, "Xiang Dong, how is Zhou Dayou treating this daughter-in-law now? Does he still love beating people like before?"

Zhou Xiangdong didn't speak, but Li Wei understood, and said with a bitter smile, "Sure enough, this kind of thing still depends on the person. He hit me but didn't hit others. It's really a blessing for future generations to suffer."

Marriage is like this. It's really unfair to the people in front of you.

"Mom, you still have us, and we will let you enjoy yourself in the future." Zhou Xiangdong and Zhou Xiangqing held Li Wei's hand at the same time and said seriously.

"Mom, that Liu Wenzhu is having a hard time now! She caused trouble in the village before, and the captain gave Zhou Dayou the opportunity to punish her. After that, she couldn't go out, and Zhou Dayou is not a caring person." She can't even see the sun now, Mom, don't envy others, you will have a good life in the future." With their brothers and sisters around, my mother will definitely not suffer anymore.

Li Wei nodded thoughtfully. Now that she is beside the child, if she picks up the two little ones, it will be really complete.

Song Xi didn't tell Song Can that Li Wei might pass through. Li Wei is their mutual friend. Even if she didn't tell, Song Can would have found out by himself, so she didn't say much.

Class is going to start the next day, but Song Xi still asks for leave in order to help Liwei pick up the child.

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