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Taming a Munchkin
Taming a Munchkin

Taming a Munchkin

Author: Milcha
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She was reborn as the antagonist of a fantasy novel, a child who bears her family’s resentment.

As it stands, her fate is to end up on the guillotine at the hands of the furious villagers!

Kynemeia, for the sake of a comfortable future, plans to gather some Munchkins to govern the fief. However, there’s one problem…

Kynemeia stared blankly at the boy sitting in the underground prison.


“I got caught.”

She’s on the receiving end of an unwanted obsession from a suspicious mage?!

This is the story of the struggles of a Grand Duke’s daughter who wishes to transform her life

and the Munchkin mage who feigns innocence!

*Munchkin: a Korean slang for a character with overpowered skills.

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