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The Chaos Dragon Prince
Chapter 676 Relief

Cain showcased a calm expression, but he was internally smirking. He could just faintly guess it. But these Heavenly Venerates were a bit too eager to have him join their sides.

At the very least, some of them seemed willing to cheat their ancient system just to have him join. The pressure of the Astral Demons and Moon Order sect must be greater than he could ever expect.

But even though he'll need to fight to gain status, Cain wasn't dissatisfied.

Combat is one of the best ways cultivators can grow and refine themselves. By pushing their Spiritual Seas to the very limit, teetering on the verge of death, could they enlighten themselves and break into new grounds.

Cain nodded to Azure Thunder, saying, "No issue at all, ancestor. I, for one, enjoy exploring and experiencing deathly combat. It's a great benefit to my cultivation and my mind."

"Good answer!" Azure Thunder and the other Heavenly Venerate nodded approvingly.

A bold and courageous character like Cain is always respected across the God Galaxy. Most, if not all of the time, those willing to take that dangerous step forward in the endless sea of the Great Dao will be victorious.

Azure Thunder flicked out a spatial ring to Cain and explained, "In here you will have the contents of the Celestial Beast Fur location, a key to your direct disciple quarters, and a star map of this whole area. Elder Ping, show him to his chamber. And I hope you won't disappoint us."

"Mn. Understood. Challenges like these excite me the most." Cain spoke with supreme confidence.

No more words were needed. Elder Ping quickly engulfed Cain in his Dao principles and tore through space.

Their leave caused many other Heavenly Venerates to furrow their brows. Some thoughts began to emerge in their minds now.

One of the Venerates curiously murmured, "Surely we weren't too hasty in this decision, right? We are placing a considerable amount of trust in an unknown."

One of the Heavenly Venerates, who was more supportive of Cain, spoke up. "Not exactly an unknown. He did come here with three of our disciples and helped them claim a mission. If he really wanted to, he could've simply killed our own and joined either the Astral Demon or Moon Order. They would not hesitate to gain a talent such as him."

His words sounded more convincing. The Heavenly Venerates could understand this logic. But some minor doubts remained, as these were all incredibly experienced existences.

And it was this time that Azure Thunder spoke up. Her voice faintly suppressed all noise despite being in a room with several other Heavenly Venerates. "Now is not the time for hesitation. I'm sure you all are aware of how prepared the Astral Demons and Moon Order are becoming. They're growing stronger while we stagnate. Is it really the time to be doubting ourselves? Trust me, this isn't grasping at straws. But using a golden opportunity to its fullest degree!"

Her supremely confident tone was unmatched. Nearly all the other Heavenly Venreates went silent in submission. Even the ones just slightly inferior to Azure Thunder didn't bother speaking up.

There are still different thoughts held. But the Heavenly Venerates weren't blind to it.

Extreme geniuses always have massive destinies. Not wanting to see the scope of such destiny would be more than foolish.


The flight with Elder Ping didn't take too long. Cain passed by only a couple of transmission arrays before finally reaching his private quarters.

He was given a unique badge that allowed only his entry and after the last pleasantries, Elder Ping returned to his own duties.

Cain was quick to settle into his new home. The luxurious interior, filled with everything a cultivator needs, was majestic.

The potent source essence filling the environment was more than suitable to hasten his cultivation time. And a seemingly serene atmosphere permeated every inch of this private house, allowing anyone to be at complete ease while cultivating. 𝓲nnπ‘ŸπšŽπ™–π˜₯. 𝐜𝚘𝐦

Everything was top tier. And yet, Cain felt a great pang of loneliness. A yearning that couldn't be fulfilled, no matter how hard he suppressed it.

Cain indeed loves to venture out and travel. But he also equally loves coming back home to see the smiling faces of his lovers.

Amber, Yulong, Lan Rui, and Jin Ya permeated his Spiritual Sea, like an unquenchable desire. There was also his dear sister Kali he had recently reunited with, only for them to be separated once again.

He could only sigh with regret about Kali. There was no way to contact her now.

The assured thing Cain knew was that Chaos principles had protected her life the same as his.

Unable to do anything about Kali, Cain shifted his focus to his girls. Thankfully, the contact ring with Amber was still intact even after crossing over the chaotic space turbulence.

And this contact ring was more special than others. Cain had infused Chaos energy within both of their contact rings just in the off chance they were separated by a massive distance.

In all honesty, Cain wasn't completely sure this would work. But no universal law had suppressed Chaos energy principles thus far.

Thus, with a silent prayer, Cain flowed soul energy into the contact ring while small beads of sweat dribbled down his face.

It was an immensely tense moment of silence. A sense of suffocation gradually crushed down on Cain's chest. His fingers dug into the palm of his skin.

It was odd for Cain. He could deal with any imposing enemy, face any higher being, and efficiently calm any social situation with utter ease.

But the mere thought of not being able to contact anyone of his girls for months or possibly years gripped his heart like an unbreakable iron fist.

However, all of Cain's worries were for naught.

The principles of Chaos energy showcased its miracle power once again!

It wasn't just one voice to Cain's proceeding shock. But a few voices boomed in his mind all at the same time.


The girls' harmonious shouts superimposed on top of each other and nearly caused Cain to fall on his ass.

The suddenness of these voices made his soul slightly quiver. But Cain could identify them all instantly.

Amber, Yulong, Lan Rui, and even Jin Ya were there as soon as he made contact with them. And he internally noted that Yulong was the loudest among them all.

But that only made Cain feel so much tension exude from his body. His smile couldn't be wider.


"Oh, Cain! Just where were you all this time?! Hmph! We all could barely get any sleep!" Yulong's bright voice sent ripples down Cain's spine.

"Haah~...not as if we need sleep...but she really isn't wrong. Not a day went by where I didn't think of you." Amber's serene voice itched at Cain's heart.

"'s really-really good to hear from you again." Lan Rui's equally relieved and embarrassed voice caused a shiver across Cain's skin.

"You must not do this again." Jin Ya's blunt words but immensely warm tone tickled Cain's soul.

Everything about this moment couldn't be better. Though, the girls' reactions did slightly worry Cain.

He curiously asked, "I've had difficulties on my travels. But just how long has it been? I've had even more trouble keeping track of time."

"Ah, I'm not sure what you could've encountered, but since you left, it's been almost close to four months." Amber calmly explained.

'Five months?' Cain blinked with slight surprise.

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The Chaos Dragon Prince Chapter 676 Relief