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This is a Beta Test?! - A Literally Broken System
This is a Beta Test?! - A Literally Broken System

This is a Beta Test?! - A Literally Broken System

Author: ChellyArks
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“Why ship a game that isn't even complete!?”

*I don't know! Why don't you at least tell me what to fix so that we won't die?!*


Moriya didn't even think getting sucked into a different world was possible. Whether being a realist or being a straight-up pessimist, he never believed that the day when he'd be warped into a world entirely unlike his own would even happen. After all, why should it, right?

But then... It actually happened.

Finding himself inside the setting of an upcoming game, Moriya wandered in awe at the sight of strange environments, the various state powers vying for supremacy over the vast expanse of the seas. Hell, even infinite worlds and stars, [The Seams] seemingly had it all. Unfortunately, there was just one problem: the game was literally broken right from the start.

Joined by a colorfully dysfunctional cast and the game world's actual developer, watch as Moriya struggles with bugs and glitches as he navigates this new world. Witness our valiant hero deal with the most infuriating and rage-inducing aspects of gaming in real life. And what if... Just what if, he actually learns how to wield these ridiculous errors to his advantage?

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