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Village Head's Debauchery
Chapter 153 [Bonus ]Future Plans

"No, chief. It's not a matter of it being too dangerous for us to handle, but if we aim to clear out everything in that area, we'll require more highly skilled warriors to accomplish the task. However, following the aftermath of our last exploration, I doubt any of them would be willing to accept the assignment after witnessing the condition of the warriors who returned." Another voice resonated, and it didn't take me long to recognize the approaching individuals or, at the very least, identify one of them.

"Very well, why don't w...?" The words of the village chief were cut short as they approached, causing him to abruptly halt in both speech and steps. As his gaze fell upon me, it didn't take long for me to recall the identity of the person standing beside him once I caught sight of his familiar face.

"Hmm... I never anticipated someone being here so early, and if I did, I certainly didn't expect that someone to be you," the village chief remarked, his eyes scanning me from head to toe, scrutinizing my presence.

Suddenly, the village chief turned towards Grulm, extending his hand in my direction as if introducing me. "Although you may have already met him yesterday, allow me to formally introduce you to Orion, the young man who achieved an astonishing six-star potential in the inner strength evaluation ceremony." Grulm scrutinized me with an intense gaze before nodding in comprehension. "Despite Tog's confirmation, it's still hard to believe that someone has awakened a six-star potential for inner strength," he remarked before swiftly shifting his focus back to the village chief. "Chief, while this is indeed a cause for celebration, I don't think I need to mention the consequences if a Vylkr vine of that magnitude..."

"Enough," the village chief declared, raising his hand to silence Grulm's words. "Not in front of the boy." He turned his head towards me and continued, "I have been closely following your progress and I must say, I'm impressed by how you have managed your fame and conducted yourself with humility and hard work. If you continue on this path, I fear you won't only become the best warrior of your generation, but surpass all those who came before you." A smile formed on the village chief's face as he extended his hand to ruffle my hair, but then he pulled it back and began walking forward, his words trailing behind him. "In the meantime, once Warrior Jean arrives, inform him that I need to speak with him before he proceeds with your training."

As the village chief walked away, Grulm maintained his position, his eyes scanning me up and down as if he were on a quest for something elusive. The village chief's voice cut through the air, calling out to him, "Enough, Warrior Grulm! Cease your attempts to intimidate the young man." Grulm let out a disdainful scoff before turning on his heels and striding in the direction of the village chief. Together, they made their way toward the second hut, their purpose guiding their steps.

Amid the village chief's accolades, I watched their retreating figures until they vanished from sight, their words echoing in the depths of my mind. 'Well, for now, I must focus on securing my own future and accumulating enough wealth,' I contemplated inwardly. Despite my initial impressions upon arriving in this world, my aspirations remained largely unchanged. Not only did I yearn to revel in the riches of this paradise, free from the burden of toiling every day for fear of its depletion, but I also craved to venture beyond the confines of this village and discover the extent of my inner strength. The insatiable curiosity within me grew with each passing minute, urging me to explore the unknown and push the boundaries of my own potential.

My curiosity even burned brighter than ever as I recalled the caravan that regularly passed through our village, engaging in trade. Questions flooded my mind. Did the caravan originate from another village, perhaps a more advanced and civilized society? Were they like us, but with subtle advancements? The mere thought of their existence ignited a relentless desire to uncover the truth. If they were present, it meant there could be countless others out there, waiting to be discovered. However, even if we and the caravan were the sole societies in this vast world, it still held a glimmer of optimism for me. After all, what could be more fulfilling than relishing every moment in this world until my twilight years, basking in the tranquillity of a peaceful life?

But for now, I relished in the bliss of ignorance, knowing that I would rather uncover the truth firsthand and confirm it myself before surrendering to myself a carefree life.

Abruptly, my contemplation was interrupted by the sight of someone approaching in the distance. Squinting my eyes, I recognized Tala and her father, Thak. It appeared they had already spotted me, and within a few minutes, they arrived before me, their expressions a blend of curiosity and familiarity.

"Good morning, Mr Thak," I greeted respectfully, maintaining the humble and gentle demeanour that had become associated with my name in the village. And rather than rushing to prove their misconceptions wrong, I responded with a warm smile as Thak returned the greeting. Tala had already joined me at my side.

"How are you?" Thak inquired, his gaze shifting between Tala and me.

"I'm doing well," I replied. Thak nodded in acknowledgement. "Alright," he said, preparing to leave. But before he departed, he turned his head to Tala and gave her a stern look. "Behave yourself, okay?".

Tala nodded absentmindedly; her gaze fixed on me. "Alright, Dad, I've heard you," she responded. Her nonchalant reply elicited a tired shake of the head from Thak, accompanied by a sigh. He turned and made his way towards the second hut.

As Thak disappeared from sight, Tala abruptly grabbed my hand, attempting to pull up her tulga. With a swift motion, I wrested it from her grasp. "What's the matter?" Tala asked, a frown creasing on her face at my unexpected reaction. "Are you going back on our agreement?" she added.

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Village Head's Debauchery Chapter 153 [Bonus ]Future Plans