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Will of chaos
Chapter 1009 Cap 1007: I Am The Barrier

After spending the day with Kira until she felt better, I went to meet the others, and we all shared what we learned during this training.

I didn't learn much myself, everything I learned was related to these Creatures of the Abyss, and even that knowledge still had holes in it. 𝒾𝗻𝐧𝓇𝒆𝒶𝒅. 𝒸૦𝒎

I know my powers well and I'm always thinking of new ways to use my power, so this training only served to push me to the limit to evolve.

For some reason those Creatures of the Abyss were worth much more EXP than I could imagine, it was Elizabeth who told the reason for that, it seems that these Creatures of the Abyss deny the very existence of everything and therefore the strength of their existence has more weight than the normal for their strength levels.

When she spoke of this, what I understood simply was that the world gives a greater reward for eliminating these Creatures of the Abyss, at least that's what it seemed to me.

Hela after getting rid of Nicole told everything my daughter wanted to know and everything she did with Lilith, I was shocked that these two crazy women treated this training like a feast.

The one who was most discouraged was Diana, according to her it was just a waste of time, for her who is a Champion, fighting these almost mindless Creatures without any kind of attack power was a waste of time.

Diana wasn't the only one to complain, Elsaris and her sister Samira also complained, because both of them were trained to end their fights quickly and had good senses, they were able to kill these Creatures of the Abyss with just one blow.

They weren't the only ones who found the fights too easy, but there were also those who found the fight too difficult, the Hero group even after several hours had passed, were still visibly shaken.

I had to call Darcia to talk away from her group because of my curiosity, of course, she wanted to hug me as she told me and I let her do that while keeping my guard up to stop any progress beyond hugging.

"Why did you guys have such weird expressions before when you get out of that training?" (I)

"The Creatures of the Abyss themselves were a bad match for us." (Darcia)

"We don't have anyone good at tracking or with heightened senses, so we were taking our time finding the cores of each Creature of the Abyss." (Darcia)

"One of the worst problems was the speed at which his body changed, so the longer the fight took, the worse the combat was and we still ran the risk of being attacked by more Creatures of the Abyss, which eventually happened causing enemies to accumulate along the way time without leaving us time to rest or catch our breath." (Darcia)

"Don't you have any skills or techniques that deal great damage to the enemy's entire body?" (I)

"Maybe even powerful magic?" (I)

"Their bodies were tough both physically and magically, Bianca's restraining spells were useless." (Darcia)

"But even with such tough bodies we were still able to dismember them all, but it was no use if we weren't able to find the core, they just recovered completely." (Darcia)

"The worst thing was that Aura when it was just 1 or maybe even 10 of them it wasn't a problem, but when it became hundreds it was really unpleasant to be surrounded by that Aura, just remembering…" (Darcia)

Darcia's body trembles as she hugs me, it seems that the experience of feeling the Aura of those Abyss Creatures was difficult for them.

"We had some attacks that caused a lot of destruction, but we didn't want to spend too much energy, our energy reserves in our bodies are not as absurd as half of your group, we had to have reserves for unforeseen events." (Darcia)


"Of course, after so many of them had gathered we left that precaution behind and went all out in our attacks burning up our energy reserves as well as most of our potions." (Darcia)

It seems like it was hard for them, I noticed it before, but the Hero's group doesn't have an Auras expert.

I noticed Darcia chatting with Sophia a lot and I also noticed Bianca chatting with my daughter Irina who has skills in common.

The Hero himself looks like he was training with his brother Arthur inside the Dungeon not long ago, it seems they were trying to overcome his flaws.

I look at Darcia before turning my eyes to the rest of her group, they all have controlled Auras but I can see they aren't able to use their Auras naturally, they use them as a tool for specific functions.

"I hope they can learn from all this." (I)

"< Swap Positions >" (I)

I switch positions with the Hero who gets a kiss from Darcia in my place and then a punch when she realizes it wasn't me getting a kiss from her.

"Needed this?" (Bianca)

"No, but it's funnier." (I)

I answer Bianca while still looking at the confused faces of those two who don't understand what happened, so I turn around and go back to my group.


I was one more morning jumping at the stars and some of the colorful clouds of this island while lying on a high branch of the tree where our temporary accommodation is located.


"I wasn't sad, master." (Nix)

"Yes, you knew this could come to pass at some point." (Sakura)

"But not in a situation like this, I'm not going to lie, I'm really frustrated about it." (I)

"Many wouldn't even have made it this far if it weren't for you, not to mention that without your help becoming stronger would be much more difficult." (Nix)

"..." (I)

"(She's not wrong, you being a Demigod is indirectly helping all of them, much more than it might seem on the surface.)" (Caitlyn)

Right after our brief meeting where everyone just chatted while they were drinking and eating, I discovered that many were ready to evolve, that includes my Familiars, but because they were attached to me whether it be because I was the Patriarch of the lineage because I was a True Dragon or foot being the Contracted master, the people around me are unable to move forward with their evolutions.

I remember the various notifications that popped up during the Awakening Ceremonies, it's only now that I'm seeing the real problem with it.

Now because of that, I ended up becoming the growth barrier for each of them, I need to evolve and increase my strength before they can manage to do the same.

But the worst part is that even if I'm also at the maximum level, I can't let myself evolve while I still have my sister inside me like that.

I'm so frustrated by all of this that I can't let go of it, so they're trying to get me out of this horrible mood I'm in.

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Will of chaos Chapter 1009 Cap 1007: I Am The Barrier