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World End: The Successor's Contract
World End: The Successor's Contract

World End: The Successor's Contract

Author: Kirito_K5
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IT WAS HIM! HE AND THAT ACURSED BLUE FLAMES! The Demons of sin, well told in the history of mankind were known for the sins they harbored and titled with. Satan... Demon sin of wrath. Lucifer... Demon sin of Pride. Asmodeus... Demon sin of lust gluttony. Abaddon... Demon sin of sloth and Mammon .... Demon sin of greed When all five demons escaped from heaven and took refuge on earth, the goddess sought to destroy the earth and create a new one in other to balance the scale. But one Angel spoke up and begged for the chance to save mankind before it was destroyed. His pleading was heard and he was gifted the power to help destroy the Demons, the Flames of Leviton. With this power, he helped mankind fight against the furious monsters that brought mankind to its knees. Although he didn't do this alone, he had help from his servants known as Ankias, each one having a specific role to play in serving him. As his journey continued, he earned the nickname The Successor and was famous for his good deeds, but all good things must come to an end at one point. Read as Zeno Ayato, struggles to bring the world back to its order while facing trials from fate , deceit and pain along the way.

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