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Your Not So Ordinary Villain
Chapter 268 The Commotion He Created

This time Acasia appeared and looked at the obviously drunk young man. He approached the man and patted him on the shoulder. "Young Master Ginehart please return to your tent and rest. It is clear that you are drunk right now."

Cygnus narrowed his eyes at that hand that was touching his shoulder. "I am not drunk and get your hands off me," he pushed the hand away and glared at the man.

Acasia sighed and retracted his hand. He then faced the young man who was glaring at him. There was also a frown on his face as he continued to pat the shoulder that he just touched. The president of the Hero Association shook his head then he heard the young man's mumbled words.

"Dirty, tsk, why isn't it coming off?" Cygnus aggressively brushed his shoulder. He kept on mumbling that it was dirty which only offended Acasia who could clearly hear what he was saying.

"Young Master Ginehart," the president called out again and this time Cygnus stopped and looked at him.

"What?" He frowned but when he recognized the man, he did not let him speak. "Oh, I know you! You are that person, the president of the Hero Association. I've heard some stories about you! They say that your association was just a place to flaunt the beauty of your heroes even though they really don't have the skills to become a hero. I also heard that you created the Hero Association because you couldn't become a hero yourself and because you have money! Are all of those true?"

Cygnus's voice was so loud that even the soldiers who were watching on the side heard his statement. Some of them couldn't even hold back their laughter. All of those were rumors but because it came out from the young master's mouth, they couldn't help but think how innocent he was.

The veins on Acasia's head started to bulge as he held himself from stepping forwards to beat up the young man who has a loose mouth. He endured the laughter and snicker he heard from the soldiers as he still tried to talk with the young Ginehart. He still maintained his professional smile.

"There's no truth to the rumors you've heard. All of those are just talks invented by people because they do not have any other hobbies but to spread those kinds of lie." Acasia defended himself because he couldn't afford to be embarrassed in front of the heroes under his association.

"Is that soโ€ฆ" Cygnus did not continue his words when a hand touched his shoulder from the back. He looked back and saw that it was his butler.

One of the soldiers came running to the tent of the general bearing the news that the young master burned a tent of the heroes. Linius was surprised at the news and the butler who had been there to report to him was also a bit shocked. It was only their first night in the base camp and yet his master was already creating chaos.

They arrived and heard everything that the master said. Both of them fell into a daze when they saw that the master was not acting himself. Mr. C came to himself when he heard a report from Ari. The master, apparently, had drunk two cups of beer that the soldiers gave him. ๐“ฒ๐“ทnr๐’†๐šŠd. ๐˜ค๐‘œ๐˜ฎ

The master would lose himself rarely and to see it now because he drank liquor was a bit refreshing and was also an eye opener. But they needed to stop him or else this might cause more problems for the general. He immediately walked towards his master and tapped his shoulder.

"Master let us return, you are quite drunk and you need to rest." The butler gently squeezed the master's shoulder to slowly coerce him to retreat.

"I am not going and how many times have I told you that I am not drunk." Cygnus was getting annoyed with all of the people that kept on telling him that he was drunk. "And I was just here to let them enjoy the fun!" He pointed at the heroes who still have their swords out.

"By burning our tents!?" one of them exclaimed. He couldn't believe that just because of that reason the young man made the decision to set fire to one of their tents.

"Yes," Cygnus sneered, "that's because this side looked like an abandoned village and the only way to let you all come out was for me to do this. I'm just a bit concerned that the heroes are too stiff and awkward. I wanted them to enjoy the party." His lips even pouted while justifying himself and this alone earned the sympathy of the soldiers.

"You've already got their attention master and I am sure that they will attend the party for now, we need to get you to bed." Mr. C gently tugged him back and the master did not resist.

He looked at the heroes who were looking at him when he thought of something. They might return to their boring tents once he is gone, so he'll make sure that they won't be able to do that. So, while he was being ushered back, he raised his hand and grinned at Acasia before he snapped his fingers and all the tents for the heroes burned at the same time.

Everyone who witnessed the incident were frozen on their spots as they watched the tents be engulfed in blue flames and that no matter how the heroes tried to stop it, the fire continued until only ash was left from their pristinely made tents. They watched with dropped jaws as the tents turned into ashes within only a couple of minutes of burning.

Linius finally snapped out of it as he sighed and walked up to the president of the association whose gaze remained on the remaining ashes of their tents. He couldn't believe that something like this would happen to them on the same day that the soldiers mocked them. Acasia couldn't stop thinking that this must not be a coincidence and everything was actually planned.

"Sir Acasia," Linius called out after he stopped beside the man. "I will instruct my men to help you set up new tents and I apologize for my brother's unforeseen actions. I did not expect him to suddenly get drunk and I also did not imagine that he would do this kind of thing."

Linius was truly apologetic because even though their relationship with the heroes were not that good, he still had concern for them especially because they were in one team. He just talked with the master a while ago and the master told him that he won't make any trouble and yet here it was. He could already foresee that any future cooperation with the Hero Association won't be happening, which in his opinion was also good.

Acasia took several deep breaths before he managed to answer the general. "No need to worry about us, we will manage."

"Are you sure?" General Linius asked. He knew that the man was stubborn but to decline his offer? The general was surprised at his stubbornness.

"Yes, setting up a tent is easy and besides we will be leaving tomorrow so we can manage with only the simple ones. There's no need for us to bother you," Acasia faced the man with a small smile because he couldn't force himself to be happy or glad.

"Alright. I will send Rigel here tomorrow to apologize to you once he sobbers off." Linius stepped back and gave the president a small nod before he left. He also dispersed his soldiers and ended the party earlier than normal. The soldiers have no complaints as they cleared out the area around the bonfire.

With their magic, the heroes were able to finish setting up the tents they will use for the night. Though indignant, they chose to listen to their president. They still had an image to maintain so even after the embarrassment they remained silent but a man still had his limits.

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Your Not So Ordinary Villain Chapter 268 The Commotion He Created